NETS SimplyGo: How it could save you money
29 Nov 2019

How SimplyGo can save you money and is now offered on NETS

Do you remember the first time you went cashless and used NETS? Back then, cashless transactions were not yet the norm - and yet, the convenience of not always having cash in your wallet was a revelation.

In recent years, being able to pay for everyday items electronically has changed the way we live. Where we previously needed to look for an ATM to withdraw cash or punch in a PIN at the store, we now have the options of having a card with both ATM and NETS Link. One PIN and one card for everything.

That card now has another function. SimplyGo is now available for NETS users. That same card you use for groceries, phone top-ups and more can also be used for public transport. Now, it doesn’t matter if you hold on to a Mastercard, Visa or NETS card - you can SimplyGo ahead and take the train or bus without worrying about having an EZ-Link / NETS FlashPay card on you.

The best part? If you have a NETS Contactless ATM card, using SimplyGo on the bus or train could save you money.

Here are a few reasons why you should start using SimplyGo:

1. No more buying single-use tickets when taking the train

Did you know that single-use tickets could cost you about S$1 more per trip? Now that NETS SimplyGo is officially here, save that money for other precious things instead - a phone card to call home, or a gift for a loved one.

2. No need for a separate EZ-Link / NETS FlashPay card (and no top-ups!)

Besides not having to have a separate card in your wallet just for your bus or train trips, with NETS SimplyGo you no longer have to worry about a S$10 minimum top up amount. As its name suggests, with NETS SimplyGo you can simply go ahead and take the train or bus using your contactless ATM card - and the fare will be automatically deducted from your account.

3. Find out how much you’re spending on public transport

With NETS SimplyGo, you can find out exactly how much you are spending on public transport - either by checking your transactions, or by downloading the TL SimplyGo app (from the iTunes store or Google Play). With the app, you can check your travel history at one glance, and find out how much each trip costs in advance. That way, you can get a clear view of how much you are spending on transport.

Know someone who holds a NETS Contactless ATM card? Tell them about the benefits of SimplyGo.