General FAQs

  1. What is the eligibility to apply for iBanking?

    You will need to be 16 years old and have a personal or joint-alternate account of the following:

    • DBS Autosave/Current/Savings Plus or POSB Savings/Current Account
    • DBS or POSB Credit Card/Debit Card
    • DBS Cashline/Home Loan with Servicing Account
  2. What can I do on iBanking?

    Please click here for the list of services that we presently offer.

  3. Why should I choose POSB iBanking?

    You should choose POSB iBanking because:

    1. It's Easy to Apply
      Register now using your personal ATM card*, Debit card, or Credit card and instantly access your accounts online . For more information on online registration for iBanking, click here.

      * Includes DBS Bankcard, ALUMNUS card and POSB ATM cards.

    2. It's Your Own Bank
      You have instant access to the latest information of both your DBS and POSB accounts. You will be able to see the deposit accounts, cards, investments and loans that you have with DBS.
    3. It's Safe & Easy
      Our simple and intuitive navigation toolbars guarantee you a smooth online experience. And as the bank that cares, we've built in the following security features that protect every transaction you make with POSB iBanking. You can now bank with confidence, knowing that your transactions remain safe with us.
      • 100% security on your funds with automatic coverage under our Money Safe Guarantee - In the unlikely event that there is an unauthorized transaction, we will repay the money taken from your account.
      • Safe and secure transactions with Transaction Signing and (multifactor authentication) & transaction alerts.
    4. It's Fast
      It takes only a few minutes to get your latest account information. You can also complete your banking transactions online and avoid the hassle of queuing.
    5. It's Convenient
      You can perform transactions online from wherever you are.
    6. It's 24 Hours
      With POSB iBanking, you can get information about your DBS and POSB accounts at any time without having to wait for your monthly statement.
    7. It's Cost Saving
      You will enjoy commission discounts when you use selected iBanking services.
    8. No Special Software is Required
      You don't need to purchase any special software. As long as you have a PC with the minimum configuration, you are ready to start.
    9. Wide Range of Services
      With over 150 online banking services , iBanking will help you to better manage your finances.
  4. How much does it cost to use POSB iBanking?

    It's free. To encourage more customers to experience the true convenience of online banking for themselves, POSB iBanking is now available to you without any sign-up nor subscription fees*.

    *The standard commission/transaction fees for certain services such as purchase of cashiers' order/demand draft/travellers cheque, etc, will still apply.