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Thinking of starting to plan for your retirement but do not know where to start? Retirement planning does not have to be complicated. Here's a quick guide to help you get started.


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Endowments: Not Just for Your Children
Wondering what endowments have to do with retirement? Read on to find out.
Win inflation in 6 ways
Inflation is unavoidable. How can you beat it? Get our 6 tips here.
The Kueh Lapis Theory of Retirement
Planning for your retirement? Here's how you can diversify your savings to remain covered for life.
Now is the right time to think about retirement
Your kids are growing well, and your parents are comfortably settling into retirement. What about yourself?

Featured Products

POSB Invest-Saver

Invest in Singapore Bonds, Blue Chip companies via four Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) listed on the Singapore Exchange or your choice of Unit Trusts (UTs).

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DBS Vickers Online Account

Trade in 7 key markets at new lower commissions.

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Unit Trusts for Everyone

Any stage in life, you should look ahead and plan for your future.

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What will your retirement look like?

Learn more

RetireReady Plus

Shape your retirement with a Guaranteed Monthly Income that gives flexibility.

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Manulife SmartRetire

Take charge of your retirement goals with higher potential returns.

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Supplementary Retirement Scheme

Save more for yout retirement and pay less tax!

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