At a Glance

Full Return of Principal

Get back your investment amount back in full.

Suitable for the long-term

The longer you hold your bond, the higher the return.

Flexible redemption

If you need to cut short the redemption term, there is no penalty for exiting your investment early.

Maximise your Supplementary Retirement Savings (SRS)

From 1 February 2019, you can use your SRS funds for investing into SSBs.


Features & Benefits


Savings Bonds are a special type of Singapore Government Securities (SGS) with features that make them accessible and suitable to individual investors.

  • Eligibility – Individuals only
  • Term – 10 years
  • Mode – Cash and SRS (from 1 February 2019)
  • Interest – Paid every 6 months. At issuance, rates are fixed based on the prevailing SGS yields and locked in for each issue.
  • Issuance – Monthly
  • Redemption – Monthly, with no penalty. Principal and any accrued interest will be paid.
  • Investment amount – Minimum of $500, and subsequent multiples of $500 up to a cap to be announced.
  • Non-tradable – Savings Bonds are non-marketable securities and cannot be bought or sold in the secondary market.


  • Saving for retirement – Savings Bonds are a safe and flexible option to maintain the value of your nest egg.
  • Setting money aside for “rainy days” – you can earn step-up interest on your savings until you need the money.
  • Diversifying your investments – Savings Bonds can help you diversify risks and achieve an efficient portfolio.

Click here for a Step-by-step guide on applying for Singapore Savings Bonds via Internet Banking.


How to Apply

Login now If you have iBanking
Apply now If you are a DBS/POSB customer but do not have iBanking

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