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New feature! - If you do not have a Cashline account, skip the need to provide your income documents when you apply with MyInfo.

Get Cash INSTANTLY with POSB Personal Loans, Interest rate as low as 3.88% p.a (EIR 7.56% p.a)

A POSB Personal Loan brings you instant cash at low rates. Just the thing to light you up!


Features & Benefits

Get instant cash in your account! Get up to 10 times1 your monthly salary! Enjoy affordable fixed repayment!

Enjoy instant approval and get cash instantly3 in your account for:

  • Existing Cashline/ Credit Card customers
  • New customers currently credit salary into a DBS/POSB deposit account
  • Get cash of up to 4X1 of your monthly salary
  • 10X1 if your annual income is S$120,000 and above.
  • Monthly instalments of 1 to 5 years.
  • E.I.R2 from minimum of 7.56% per annum!



Rates & Fees

Apply now to enjoy your personalised rates from as low as 3.88%p.a. + 1% processing fee (E.I.R. 7.56%p.a.2)!

  • Step 1: Log in with your iBanking / mBanking / ATM or credit / debit card (no documents required for existing customers)
  • Step 2: Choose your desired amount and tenure
  • Step 3: Submit the application online and get instant cash

You will need a DBS/POSB account to receive the funds upon approval.
Don't have one? Apply for one here first!

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Note: The interest rate and processing fee offered to you is based on your personal credit and income profile. It may differ from the published rate and the rate offered to other borrowers. Please note that the maximum EIR may be up to 20.01% p.a., based on your loan amount, tenor and personal credit history.



Calculate the monthly repayment with our handy calculator!

Monthly Repayment Calculator



Nationality Singaporean or Permanent Resident
Age 21 – 65 years old
Minimum Annual Income S$20,000 and above

DBS/POSB Personal Loan will require (i) a Cashline and/or Credit Card account to grant the loan amount, and (ii) a DBS/POSB deposit account (excluding Joint All, Trust, MSA, SAYE and POSB current accounts) for loan disbursement (see Frequently Asked Questions Tab for more details).

If you do not have an existing Cashline / Credit Card Account, you will need the following documents:

Alternatively, you may choose to provide your income documents via MyInfo

Please note that applications not accompanied with required documents or with incomplete information will cause a delay in processing.

If you do not have an existing DBS/POSB deposit account, you can choose your desired account here and apply online.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can do an online DBS/POSB Personal Loan application in 2 ways:

  1. Using iBanking Login: Enter your iBanking username and password to apply for an online Personal Loan application.
  2. Using Card and PIN: Input your Debit or ATM Card Number and the PIN number (the same PIN that is used for ATM input). For customers with only Personal Credit Card and no Debit or ATM Card, please use Credit Card as your selection.

In the event that you encounter an error or cannot remember your iBanking acess or Card and PIN, please fill up the contact me form for us to assist you.

Learn how you can easily apply for a POSB Personal Loan here.

If you are an existing Cashline account or Credit Cardholder, you will receive:

  1. A SMS confirmation that your DBS/POSB Personal Loan is approved. Please check your designated account for the crediting of the approved loan amount.
  2. An approval letter for the DBS/POSB Personal Loan will be sent over to your mailing address within 3 working days after receiving the SMS message.

For DBS/POSB customers without Cashline or Credit Card.

  1. A SMS confirmation for an approved Cashline account (if applied for a Cashline account) and/or approval letter(s) of the applied Cashline or Credit Card.
  2. If applied for a Cashline account, you will receive a DBS ATM Card (if you do not have one) as part of Cashline application.

After submitting and approval of a DBS/POSB Personal Loan on your Cashline and/or Credit Card, you will receive another SMS confirmation that the DBS/POSB Personal Loan is approved. Please check your designated account for the crediting of the approved loan amount.

Cashline is a standby line of credit account which the credit limit granted is utilized for DBS/POSB Personal Loan.

You have the flexibility to use the available credit limit (up to 95%) to take up another DBS/POSB Personal Loan or you can use the available credit limit as a standby credit line for short term usage.

There are no extra supporting documents required for these uses on your remaining credit limit.

More information on Cashline

You can use the available credit limit (up to 95%) to take up another DBS/POSB Personal Loan or use for other Credit Card purposes such as retail transactions.

You can choose your desired account here and apply online. Once your account is opened, you can apply for the DBS/POSB Personal Loan.

You can leave your contact details with us here. We will call you as soon within 1-2 working days.

Assuming that you are taking up a loan at $5,000 at 3.88% p.a. for 2 years (EIR 8.20% p.a. inclusive of 1% processing fee), your monthly instalment will come up to be about $224.50 and there will be no change to it throughout the tenure of the loan*.

Monthly interest and principal are apportioned differently; in the earlier instalments, a larger portion of your monthly instalment goes towards paying off the interest on the loan. The interest portion will be reduced gradually with each instalment (see below for the repayment schedule illustration). 




Monthly Instalment

































































































Note: The above table is meant for illustration. Actual figures may vary.

* The final instalment amount may vary slightly.

The interest rate and processing fee offered to you is based on your personal credit and income profile. Hence, it may differ from the published rate and the rate offered to other borrowers. E.g. if your annual income is below $30,000 and you are eligible for the loan, you will be offered a rate of 11.00%p.a. + 4% processing fee (E.I.R. 20.01%p.a.^).

^E.I.R. is calculated based on a 5-year loan.

1 DBS may grant such credit limit at its discretion, which may differ from what is requested

2 E.I.R: Effective Interest Rate – based on 60-months loan tenure and inclusive of 1% processing fee (for Applied Interest Rate: 3.88% p.a.)

3 DBS will only process applications that meet the bank's internal requirements. Please note that there is a downtime daily from 11.45PM to 8.00AM and application will be pending status during downtime.

DBS/POSB Personal Loan Terms and Conditions

Important Information
From 1 April 2016, if you wish to have a free credit report, you may obtain it within 30 calendar days from the date of approval or rejection of this application via the credit bureau websites listed below. Alternatively, you may bring the approval or rejection letter and your NRIC to the following credit bureau’s registered office to obtain a free credit report.
Credit Bureau (Singapore) Pte Ltd
2 Shenton Way
#20-02 SGX Centre 1
Singapore 068804
Tel: (65) 6565 6363

* Clarification: We would like to clarify that “The free Credit Bureau Report” is limited only to application of a new product such as Cashline, Credit Card, Further Study Assist. Applications such as Credit Limit increase, Balance Transfer / Personal Loan disbursed from existing products and existing principal cardholders applying for another card(s) are not entitled to the free credit report.

Important Information to Note:

Revision to DBS Personal Loan Fees and Charges

With effect from 2 December 2019, the late payment charge for Personal Loan on Cashline will be revised from S$105 to S$120

Revised DBS/POSB Personal Loan Terms and Conditions (with effect on 02/12/2019)

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