Minimum Operating System (OS) Requirements

Let’s work together to stay cybersecure. Updating your OS can protect your device against malicious attacks.

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Important information

Which OS should I be using?
digibank, PayLah!, Vickers app are compatible with operating systems versions Apple 12.0, Android 9.0 and above. For optimal app stability and security, ensure that you update your device’s operating system (OS) to the latest version.

Note: digibank mobile App is not optimised for usage on tablets
Enable auto-updates for better security.
  iOS Andriod
 Update your Devices
Settings > General > Software Updates Settings > System > System Update
 Enable Automatic Updates
Turn on all toggles in Settings > General > Software Updates > Enable Automatic Updates Turn on Auto download upgrade package in Settings > System > System Update
This helps you to minimise your risk of security threats and malware attacks. While you are still able to use the app, you are strongly encouraged to update to the latest OS.
You can continue using digibank and PayLah! App. Updating your OS can ensure that bugs and vulnerabilities susceptible to attacks are addressed. With the evolving cyber security threats, we would like you to stay protected.
You can check this under your phone’s Settings > About phone > Software information.
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