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Share the convenience of a credit card with your loved ones.

First year free

Enjoy a one-year annual fee waiver on your supplementary card.

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Features & Benefits

  • Rewards

    Earn rewards such as cash rebate each time your supplementary cardholder spend.
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  • Dining and Shopping Privileges

    Enjoy various dining and shopping deals of up to 50% off at over 1,000 outlets islandwide! Just check out your one-stop menu of privileges now!
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  • Payment Advantages

    Enjoy freedom of choice between our two flexible payment plans for all payments you need to make and further stretch your dollar.
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Eligibility & Mandatory Docs

  1. Is there an age and income requirement to apply for the Supplementary Card?
    • The Supplementary Card Applicant must be at least 18 years old, no income is required.

  2. How can I apply for a Supplementary Card for my loved ones?

    • The Principal Cardholder must complete the application form, print and sign on the printed form, include a copy of the Supplementary Card Applicant’s documents and return the documents to us for processing at the following address.

      DBS Bank Ltd, DBS Card Services
      Orchard P.O. Box 360, Singapore 912312

      Click here to apply now.

  1. Am I required to submit any documents for the Supplementary Card application?
    • Yes, we require you (the Principal Cardholder) to submit your Supplementary Card Applicant’s documents indicated below for us to process the application:

      Supplementary Card Applicants who are Singaporeans / PR

      Supplementary Card Applicants who are Foreigners

      NRIC (front and back)

      Valid Passport; and
      Proof* of residential address (e.g. work permit, utility/telephone bill or bank statement)

      *Must be valid within 3 months from date of submission.

  1. What is the credit limit that will be assigned to my Supplementary Cardholder?
    • Upon approval of the Supplementary Card application, the credit limit assigned to the Supplementary Cardholder will be the same as the Principal Cardholder’s existing credit limit and it is a shared credit limit with the Principal Cardholder.

  2. What are the fees and charges applicable for the Supplementary Card?
    • For the POSB Supplementary Credit Card declaration, important notes, fees and charges, please click here.


Note :
Terms and Conditions apply. Visit for details. All fees indicated are inclusive of GST where applicable.

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