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Covering for travel, wedding, hospitalisation and compassionate


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Alternatively, you can increase your credit limit by making an advance payment into your card.

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Traveling soon? You might find this guide useful > Go Travel with DBS

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Eligibility & Fees

  • This service is available to the principal cardholder of a personal liability credit card. For corporate cardholders, call 1800 222 2200 and press '6' for assistance.
  • This service can be requested for travel, wedding, hospitalisation and compassionate purposes only. For all other purposes, you can apply for a permanent credit card credit limit increase.
  • This service is not applicable to POSB Multi-tude and DBS Live Fresh Student Cardholders.
  • The temporary limit amount granted can be used by both principal and supplementary cardholders. Supplementary cardholders are not liable for the spending made on the temporary limit amount. Principal cardholders are liable for all outstanding balances on the card.
  • To avoid over limit fee charge, please pay the temporary limit amount used on or before the temporary limit increase expiry date.

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