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Maid Insurance

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Maid Insurance

Get Maid Insurance, an insurance plan underwritten by MSIG Insurance in just minutes. Simply click on the buy now button to purchase. You will even save on agency fees when you buy online.

If you would like to renew your Maid Insurance, just follow the steps below when you receive the Work Permit renewal notice from Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Step 1: Purchase the Maid Insurance Online

  • Click on the "Buy Now" button to apply.
  • Submit your personal particulars, your foreign domestic helper's personal particulars and payment details.
  • Upon successful application, MSIG Insurance will transmit the Insurance Guarantee Bond details to MOM within 2 working days.

Step 2: Renew your Foreign Domestic Helper's Work Permit Online

  • Ensure your foreign domestic helper's passport is valid for at least 7 months from the expiry date of the existing Work Permit.
  • Log in to MOM website to access Work Permit Online to renew the Work Permit once the Insurance Guarantee Bond’s details have been transmitted to MOM.
  • Upload the documents in PDF format when submitting the Work Permit application online:
    • Personal particulars page of the foreign domestic helper’s current passport/travel document, including amendment page(s) (if any).
    • Disembarkation/Embarkation card
    • Completed Work Permit renewal application form
    • Completed and signed Security Bond form

Step 3: Wait for the New Work Permit Card

  • The new Work Permit (WP) card will be delivered to the address stated in the Work Permit application within 7 working days after the successful verification of the documents submitted.
  • Return the existing Work Permit card by mailing it to the Work Pass Division, Ministry of Manpower, 18 Havelock Road, Singapore 059764.

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Need help with your insurance?

  • Call MSIG Hotline at 6827 7607 (Mon to Fri, 8.45am to 5.30pm)
  • Click on Contact Me button below and send us your Maid Insurance enquiry.

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Product Details

  • Online hassle-free application for your Maid's insurance
  • Maid Insurance plan meets the revised Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requirements effective 1 October 2017
    • Personal Accident cover of S$60,000 per year;
    • Hospital & Surgical Expenses of at least S$15,000 per year;
    • Insurance Guarantee Bond (Security deposit) of S$5,000
  • Hospital & Surgical Expenses of up to 90 days Pre and Post Hospitalisation Expenses coverage, including Day Care Surgery
  • Medical Expenses benefit of up to S$1,000 due to accident
  • Replacement Maid Expenses cash subsidy of up to S$500 for the agency fees incurred in hiring a replacement foreign domestic helper if she is repatriated due to injury or illness as certified by a Medical Practitioner
  • You have the option to enhance your Maid Insurance plan with Optional Covers at competitive premiums


1. Personal Accident
  • Accidental Death
S$60,000 per year
  • Permanent Disablement
    (Lump sum payment subject to the compensation scale for Total & Permanent Disablement)
S$60,000 per year
  • Medical Expenses due to Accident
    (including treatment by registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner or Chiropractor; maximum S$100 per injury)
2. Hospital and Surgical Expenses
  • Day Care Surgery
  • Inpatient expenses incurred in Singapore government or re-structured hospitals from Ward C up to Ward B2 charges
  • 90 days pre-hospital diagnostic services and post-hospital follow-up treatment
S$15,000 per year
3. Replacement Maid ExpensesS$500
4. Wages and Levy ReimbursementS$30 per day;
maximum up to 30 days
5. Repatriation ExpensesS$10,000
6. Termination ExpensesS$300
7. Special Grant
(Payment to the foreign domestic helper's estate or legal personal representative in the event of her death in the course of her employment)
8. Liability to Third PartiesS$5,000
9. Maid's Personal BelongingsS$300
10. Insurance Guarantee Bond (to Ministry of Manpower)S$5,000
Optional Covers 
11. Additional Hospital and Surgical Expenses per year(i) S$5,000
(ii) S$10,000
(iii) S$15,000
12. Waiver of Counter Indemnity S$5,000 (subject to an excess of S$250)
13. Employer’s Liability(i) S$300,000
(ii) S$500,000
14. Insurance Guarantee Bond
(to Philippine Overseas Labour Office, Singapore)
(i) S$2,000 (for hiring through an accredited maid agency)
(ii) S$7,000 (for direct hiring or through a non-accredited maid agency)

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26 months policyPremium
Basic PlanS$246.10
Basic Plan with Waiver of Counter IndemnityS$299.60
Optional Covers 
Additional Hospital and Surgical Expenses per year
- S$5,000
- S$10,000
- S$15,000

Employer’s Liability
- S$300,000
- S$500,000
Insurance Guarantee Bond (as required by the Philippine Overseas Labour Office, Singapore)
- S$2,000
- S$7,000


The premium is inclusive of 7% GST.

Maid Insurance Plan FAQs

  1. What does the Maid Insurance cover?

    It is a comprehensive package of benefits that includes Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement,Hospital & Surgical Expenses, Replacement Maid Expenses, Wages & Levy Reimbursement, Repatriation Expenses, Insurance Guarantee Bond and other benefits.

  2. How does the Maid Insurance meet the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) requirements for foreign domestic helper?

    The MOM’s requirements of Personal Accident cover of S$60,000 per year, Hospital & Surgical Expenses of at least S$15,000 per year and Insurance Guarantee Bond of S$5,000 for your foreign domestic helper are included in the Maid Insurance. These are in line with MOM’s revised requirements effective 1 October 2017.

  3. If my foreign domestic helper is injured and requires outpatient treatment, will the treatment expenses be covered?

    Yes, you can claim up to S$1,000 (including treatments by registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner or Chiropractor, subject to a maximum of S$100 per injury) for outpatient treatments due to Accident.

  4. How does the Replacement Maid Expenses benefit work?

    The Policy will pay up to S$500 for the agency fees incurred in hiring a replacement foreign domestic helper in event of termination of the foreign domestic helper’s services due to Accidental Death, Injury from Accident or Illness as certified by a Medical Practitioner, provided the replacement is employed within 90 days from the date of termination.

  5. How does the Wages & Levy Reimbursement benefit work?

    The Policy will pay a fixed sum per day up to 30 days if your foreign domestic helper is hospitalised due to an Accident or Illness except pre-existing condition.

  6. How does the Insurance Guarantee Bond work?

    MSIG Insurance will issue a Letter of Guarantee for the sum of S$5,000 as a security bond on your behalf to the MOM. As such, you do not need to pay the S$5,000 cash up front to MOM when you are applying for a foreign domestic helper. MSIG Insurance can also issue a Letter of Guarantee to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in Singapore (“POLO”) on your behalf if you need.

    In event that a demand is made by MOM and/or POLO, MSIG Insurance will make the payment first and recover it from you under the Counter Indemnity arrangement of the insurance.

  7. When will the Insurance Guarantee Bond be transmitted to MOM?

    The Guarantee details will be transmitted to MOM within 2 working days from date of application.

  8. What can I do if I want to increase the Hospital and Surgical Expenses coverage for my foreign domestic helper?

    You may purchase the optional additional cover of up to S$15,000 per year with an additional premium.

  9. How does the Waiver of Counter Indemnity work?

    MSIG Insurance will waive their rights to recover the security bond of S$5,000 paid to MOM against you, subject to the first S$250 which you have to bear.

  10. How does the Employer’s Liability cover work?

    The Policy will pay up to S$500,000 (depending on the optional cover selected) for legal costs and expenses in the event that you are legally liable for your foreign domestic helper sustaining injuries or disease arising out of and in the course of her employment by you.

  11. Can the Policy be cancelled?

    Either you or MSIG Insurance can cancel the Policy by giving the other party 14 days’ notice in writing. If you cancel the Policy, you will receive a short-period refund of premium paid for the unexpired period of insurance, subject to a minimum charge of S$50. There will be no refund of premium if the Policy is cancelled after 180 days from the commencement of insurance and in the event of a claim.

  12. How do I make a claim?

    Please notify MSIG Insurance in writing of any event giving rise or likely to give rise to a claim under the Policy as soon as possible but in any case within 21 days of the happening of such event. You will need to complete a claim form and provide all information, evidence or supporting documents e.g. receipts, medical certificates or reports at your own expense, which MSIG Insurance may require to assess your claim.

    For more claims related enquiries, please call MSIG 24-Hour Claims Hotline at 6827 7660 or email your questions to

  13. What if I have more questions about this insurance?

    Please contact MSIG Insurance Customer Centre at 6827 7607 (Mon – Fri , 8.45am – 5.30pm) or email your questions to

Please refer to the policy wordings for the full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance.

Terms and Conditions Governing Purchase of Insurance Products from MSIG Insurance via the POSB website


Maid Insurance is underwritten by MSIG Insurance (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. ("MSIG Insurance") and distributed by DBS Bank Ltd ("DBS"). It is not an obligation of, deposit in or guaranteed by DBS. This is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions are provided in the policy wordings and will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application by MSIG Insurance.

This Policy is protected under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). For more information on the scheme, please visit the General Insurance Association or SDIC websites.

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