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Instant2 access to cash at 0%^ interest

Instant2 funds disbursement at 0%^ interest over 3, 6 or 12 months tenure

Flexible repayment

Pay as little as S$50 or the minimum due on your statement balance, whichever is higher.

Manage multiple bills easily

Pay just one bill at 0%^ interest when you transfer all outstanding balance to a DBS Credit Card or Cashline Balance Transfer

Apply online easily

Existing DBS Credit Card / Cashline customer? No documents are required.

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Rates & Fees

Tenure 3 months 6 months 12 months
Applied interest rate (p.a) 0% 0% 0%
Administration fee^ 1.5%# 3.58% 2.5%# (online exclusive) 6.38%
4.5%# (online exclusive)
Effective interest rate (p.a)1 6.12%# (Cashline)
6.15%# (Credit Card)
7.52% 5.27%# (Cashline)
7.61% 5.34%# (Credit Card)
7.12% 5.06%# (Cashline)
7.32% 5.20%# (Credit Card)

#Online application only.

^Administration fees apply. The one-time administration fee will be charged to your Cashline/ Credit account accordingly.

1The effective interest rate is calculated based on the reducing outstanding amount over the tenure of the loan and takes into account the administration fees, assuming a monthly minimum payment of 2.5% (for Cashline) and 3% (for DBS/POSB Credit Card), plus interest, fees and charges and full payment in the final month of the tenure.

Interest, fees and charges are subject to compounding if it is not paid in full. The one-time administration fee will be debited from your Cashline account or DBS/POSB Credit Card(s) accordingly.

2Please note that for loans approved after 9pm during month end (eg 31st March), the funds will only be credited on the following day. If the following day falls on a Sunday or Public Holiday, the crediting will be on the next working day (eg Mon to Sat).

DBS / POSB Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions

Important Notes:

  1. A DBS/POSB deposit account (excluding Joint All, Trust, MSA, SAYE and POSB current accounts) is required for loan disbursement.
  2. There shall not be any excess in credit (credit balance) or Giro arrangement in your Credit Card or Cashline account for Balance Transfer application.
Illustration: 3 months 6 months 12 months
Interest from other bank's credit cards at 24% p.a S$300 S$600 S$1200
Interest from Cashline or DBS/POSB Credit Card Balance Transfer at 0% p.a S$0 S$0 S$0
One time administration fee^ S$75 (1.50%) S$125 (2.50%) S$225 (4.50%)
Savings S$225 (75% Savings) S$475 (79% Savings) S$975 (81% Savings)

Figures have been simplified for illustration purposes only. Interest savings are based on the 24% p.a. interest rate on other banks' credit cards over a 3-month, 6-month and 12-month repayment period, as well as the one-time administration fee from DBS.


Eligibility requirements


21 – 75 years old


Existing DBS Credit Card / Cashline customer

Don't have a POSB Credit Card or Cashline?

Apply for a POSB Credit Card or Cashline to get started.


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For customers with Credit Card and/or Cashline account. No documents are required.

Singaporeans & Permanent Residents

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