Deposit Account Minimum Balance Service Charge

Your deposit account will incur this service charge when your balance falls below the minimum average daily balance.

Important information

POSB Account
Account Type Minimum Average Daily Balance (MADB) Service Charge
  • POSB eSavings Account
  • POSB Everyday/eEveryday Savings Account
  • POSB Passbook Savings Account
S$500 S$2.00 per month
  • POSB Current/eCurrent Account
(Maintained in linked POSB Savings Account)
S$2.00 per month

Effective 16 June 2019, POSB Savings - SPEP Account and POSB Savings - AF have been renamed as POSB Everyday Savings Account.
Account Type Minimum Average Daily Balance (MADB) Service Charge
  • DBS My Account
S$0 S$2.00 per month (for customers on hardcopy statement)
  • DBS Savings Account
    (Opened before 12 September 2011)
S$500 S$2.00 per month
  • DBS Savings Account
    (Opened from 12 September 2011)
S$1,000 S$2.00 per month
  • DBS Multiplier Account*
S$3,000 S$5.00 per month
  • DBS eMulti-Currency Autosave Account*
  • DBS Multi-Currency/eMulti-Currency Autosave Plus Account*
  • DBS eAutosave Account
  • DBS eAutosave Plus Account
  • DBS Current Account
S$3,000 S$7.50 per month
  • DBS Expatriate eMulti-Currency Autosave Account*
  • DBS Expatriate eMulti-Currency Autosave Plus Account*
  • DBS Expatriate Autosave Account
  • DBS Expatriate eAutosave Plus Account
S$5,000 S$7.50 per month

*Total SGD$ equivalent Minimum Average Daily Balance (MADB) across all currency wallets.
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