Deposit Coins

Deposit coins into a POSB/DBS Account easily via our Coin Deposit Machines available islandwide.

Coin Deposit Machine
Deposit coins into a POSB/DBS Account instantly via our upgraded Coin Deposit Machines.

Coin Deposit Fees
  • S$0.015 per piece (total fee rounded to the nearest one cent)
  • Coin deposit fee is automatically waived for:
    • POSBkids Account until the child turns 16 years old, for the first 1,000 pieces deposited per calendar month*.
    • POSB Child Development Account.

  • Accepted accounts: DBS Current/Autosave Account, DBS Savings Plus Account, POSB Savings/Current Account, POSBKids Account & POSB Child Development Account (1 Account per transaction).
  • Accepted denominations: 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent & 1 dollar (Singapore Coins - Floral Series & National Icon/Landmark Series).
  • *Coin deposit fees will apply from the 1,001 coin piece.

Find the nearest DBS/POSB Coin Deposit Machine using our Locator.
Deposit coins at any POSB/DBS Branches on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30 am to 11.30 am only.

Coin Deposit Fees
  • S$1.80 per 100 pieces or part thereof. e.g. 105 pieces = S$3.60
  • Coin deposit fee is automatically waived for POSB Child Development Account.

  • Coins are to be sorted in its respective denominations before presenting to the counter staff for depositing.
  • Coin deposits will only be accepted to the nearest 5 cents. e.g S$10.47 - 2 cents will be returned to the customer.

Find the nearest DBS/POSB Branch using our Locator.

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