Use Phone Banking

Use Phone Banking for a safe, convenient and easy way to check your account balance and transactions any time, anywhere.

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Get started with your Phone Banking ID and PIN:

  • Dial 1800 111 1111 (from Singapore) or (+65) 6327 2265 (from Overseas).
  • For English menu, hold for 3 seconds. For Mandarin menu, press 2.
  • Enter your Phone Banking User ID, followed by #.
    Phone Banking User ID: Singaporean/PR NRIC or Credit/Debit Card Number or Phone Banking ID (for foreigners)
  • Enter your Phone Banking PIN, followed by #.
  • Listen and access the services you wish to, or use the below shortcuts for convenience:
    Shortcut Service
    *3 Last 5 Banking Transactions
    *4 Change UID and PIN
    *5 Banking Account Balance
    *6 Credit Card Balance
    *7 Cashline Balance
    *8 Credit Card Temporary Limit Increase
    *9 Last 5 Credit Card Transactions

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