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Avoid waiting on the line! Did you know that our chatbot is able to perform transactional requests like check pending transactions, check cheque status, enquire on reward points and many more?

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  • Launch our DBS digibot by clicking at the bottom right of the page.
  • Type in your Request* and complete the Authentication Process.
  • Follow the Guided Conversation to process your requests instantly!
*List of available services Keywords - Type these examples into our DBS digibot
1. Blocking of lost cards Block Card
2. Unblocking blocked cards Unblock Card
3. Checking of credit card transactions Credit Card Transactions
4. Rewards summary & breakdown by points Check DBS points
5. New card activation Activate Card
6. Activating card for overseas use Overseas Use
7. Deactivating card for overseas use Overseas Use
8. Card replacement for lost or damaged Replace Card
9. Enquire on cheque's status Enquire Cheque Status
10. Request to stop a cheque Stop Cheque
11. Request for credit card or cashline account statements Request for Statement
12. Card cancellation Terminate Card
13. Card Transaction Disputes Dispute my Transaction

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