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Finding Your Footing

As our little ones grow up, it’s important for them to know that the goal of learning isn’t about being better than the rest. Rather, it’s to help them get better at what they’re best at! Because just like how we’re all unique in different ways, everyone is smart in their own way too. Find out how your child can learn to their smarts at Smiley’s World of Smarts.


Help your child learn to their smarts

Watch these kids become confident learners when they play Smiley’s World of Smarts, an online game for kids to discover their smarts.

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We think these might help your child develop good habits:

My Account

Cultivate good savings habits from young with the only account that grows with your kid.

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POSB Smart Buddy

Give allowance and teach your child to save using Smart Buddy.

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Find the right activity for your child

Choose from over 1,000 enrichment classes, lessons and activities, and enjoy up to 15% off selected classes on POSB Education Marketplace today.

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6 tips to teach your child about money

Starting the money conversation early and teaching basic money management skills can go a long way in your child’s life.

5 Steps To Resolve School Anxiety

Read these recommendations from educators.

Teach Your Child Money Matters

Help your child learn how to manage money with Smiley and these child-friendly activities!

Preparing your child for Primary 1?

Here are 5 tips to get your little one ready for a new stage in life.

Thinking about boosting your child’s nutrition?

Start with these five most healthy foods for your growing child!

Fun for The Family While Staying Indoors

Shake off all that extra energy! There’s something for everyone on this list.

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Smiley’s World of Smarts


Discover your child’s smarts and help them become money smart! Find out how they can learn to their smarts today with an interactive game based on the Multiple Intelligence Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS). Help them become confident learners at school subjects and in life, with skills such as money management.

Smiley’s World of Smarts was created by POSB in collaboration with education partner, Flying Cape and Dr Henry Toi, Head of the Multiple Intelligence Developmental Scale.

Complete all games across the 8 islands to receive a full report of your little one’s top smarts! Plus, some fun ways for them to learn about money matters to their smarts.

Get your child to discover their smarts today!

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POSB Pocket Stories


This is the world of curious creatures, magical wonders, and… financial literacy know-how. Welcome to POSB’s Pocket Stories: Tales of Financial Literacy! Teach your little one money matters with their favourite characters in our interactive, bite-sized tales.

Alice falls and falls, and she lands with a thud! She finds herself In a strange new place with friendly faces who need her help. Will she lend a sharing hand to help her new friends?

Teach your little ones about the joys of sharing — whether it's being generous with their money or their toys. As kids learn about empathy, it is also important to teach them about boundaries like sharing within their means. Suitable for kids 4 – 6 years old.


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Enjoy a POSB parent starter kit when you open a Child Development Account (CDA).


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Enjoy up to 15% online classes and nature programmes for your child on POSB Education Marketplace. Ends 30 Sep 2021.

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Get a Change Makers STEAM Bundle when you open My Account together with your child online.

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