Credit Bureau

In line with the global trend to improve credit risk management in the financial industry, the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) and the industry have established a consumer credit bureau in Singapore (Bureau).

The Bureau will maintain a database of basic consumer information and payment records. Authorised users (including member banks of the ABS) will be entitled to access the Bureau's database to carry out credit-worthiness checks on consumers. Consumers will benefit from the expedited and more informed credit decisions which may result from the use of the database.

A strict Code of Conduct will govern the Bureau and its members to ensure that individual privacy is respected and information is used only for checking credit-worthiness. A high standard of security and confidentiality will be in place.

The ABS has adopted as a standard industry practice for its member banks, the need to disclose information to the Bureau. As a member bank of the ABS, DBS will be implementing this practice.

In this respect, DBS will be disclosing your personal particulars and all information relating to your credit card account and related credit conduct to the Bureau or to any other credit bureau of which we are a member or subscriber. Additionally, any other banks with which you have existing financial relationship or have applied for a new relationship may access the aforesaid information if they are members of the same credit bureau.

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