About Allowance and Stamp Savings

Under POSB Smart Buddy, you may opt to automatically transfer your child’s Allowance and Stamp Savings into his/her ePOSBkids Account.

All you need to do is link your child’s ePOSBkids Account with POSB Smart Buddy.

Find out how much your child has saved by tapping the "Saving" icon on your Smart Buddy Mobile App.

This comprises of your child’s total allowance savings and stamp savings.

So, hurry, link your child’s ePOSBkids Account today!

Don’t have an ePOSBkids Account? Apply for an account now. Upon successful account opening, submit your request to link your ePOSBkids Account application online at www.posb.com.sg/sbcreditingac.


About Allowance Savings

  • Allowance savings is the unspent allowance or the remaining allowance/unspent amount.
  • Assuming the daily allowance set is S$3.00 and your child has spent S$2.00, then the allowance savings for the day is S$1.00.
  • Your child’s allowance savings will be deducted from your savings account (i.e. the account linked to your child’s Smart Buddy) and transferred to his/her ePOSBkids Account.
  • Do ensure you’ve enabled “Auto transfer to ePOSBkids Account” on your child’s profile to enjoy this feature.

About Stamp Savings

  • Your child may purchase digital Smiley stamps at the school bookshop at S$0.50 each with his/her Smart Buddy watch.
  • If you’ve linked your child’s ePOSBkids Account, he/she will receive 10% bonus savings on the total stamp value of the first card they complete every month.