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Introduce your child to contactless payments with Smart Buddy, set savings goals, collect Smiley Stamps and watch their savings in their linked bank account grow, grow, grow!

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Existing Smart Buddy users

Link your child’s bank account today

With POSB Smart Buddy, you may opt to automatically transfer your child’s Allowance and Stamp Savings into his/her bank account.

All you need to do is link your child’s account and ensure that you’ve enabled “Auto Transfer Savings” under your child's profile on Smart Buddy app.

Below are the types of account which can be accepted as the child’s auto crediting bank account:

  1. Joint Account between parent* / 3rd party and child
  2. Solus/Personal Account belonging to the child

*refers to the parent who applied for the Smart Buddy card. Do also note that the child’s crediting bank account cannot be the same as the debiting account chosen for the Smart Buddy card.

Link my child’s account

Alternatively, you may apply for a My Account for your child. Once the account is opened, it'll be automatically linked to your child's existing POSB Smart Buddy card/chip.

Apply for My Account (Joint-Alternate)

My Account is the first deposit account that you can customise to meet your kid’s growing needs.

S$1 gift deposit1 to get them started

No minimum balance

No coin deposit fee2

Auto-transfer of unutilised allowance3


  1. Gift Deposit for anyone below 21 years old.
  2. Waiver is limited to first 1000 pieces calendar month at the coin deposit machine until the child turns 16 years old.
  3. The new account will be automatically linked as a Smart Buddy crediting account.

  • Allowance savings is the unspent allowance or the remaining allowance/unspent amount.
  • Assuming the daily allowance set is S$3.00 and your child has spent S$2.00, then the allowance savings for the day is S$1.00.
  • Your child’s monthly allowance savings will be deducted from your bank account (i.e. the account linked to your child’s Smart Buddy) and transferred to his/her bank account by 10th of the following month.
  • Do ensure you’ve enabled “Auto-Transfer Savings” on your child’s profile to enjoy this feature.

Your child may tap his/her Smart Buddy at the school bookshop to get Smiley Stamps for S$0.50 each. The stamps value will be deducted from the linked bank account (i.e. parent’s). The stamp(s) are updated as ‘Stamp Savings’ on Smart Buddy Mobile App.

Simply complete 1 Smiley Savings Card (i.e. 20 stamps) per month to receive S$1 Bonus Dollar. Total Stamp Value and S$1 Bonus Dollar* will be credited to your child’s account by 10th of the subsequent month.


  1. The total Stamp Value will be credited into the linked bank account (i.e. parent’s) if there is no linked child’s account.
  2. S$1 Bonus Dollar will only be rewarded if there’s at least 1 completed Smiley Savings Card and an active child’s account is linked with Smart Buddy.
  3. The total Stamp Value and S$1 Bonus Dollar will be credited to your child's account regardless of the "Auto-Transfer Savings" status.