Frequently Asked Questions


POSB Smart Buddy Programme

No, signing up for a Smart Buddy card/watch is optional but it is highly encouraged for students to do so to enjoy the full benefits of the POSB Smart Buddy programme and to access the POSB Smart Buddy mobile app.

Yes, you can apply for a Smart Buddy card (without the watch) online here or via the POSB Smart Buddy Mobile App.

  1. You will need to be an existing DBS/POSB customer with a valid DBS/POSB bank account.
  2. Your child will need to have a valid DBS/POSB bank account if you wish to automatically transfer the child’s monthly smart buddy allowance savings from the parent’s linked deposit account to the child’s bank account. This feature, called “Auto-transfer Savings”, must be enabled on the POSB Smart Buddy mobile app.

Note: The POSB Child Development Account, POSB Current Account and Trust Accounts cannot be used as a debiting or crediting account under POSB Smart Buddy Programme. Both parent and child bank account cannot be the same account.

Yes. Your child can still use Smart Buddy but he/she will not be able to enjoy automatic transfer of Smart Buddy allowance savings and Stamp Savings to his/her account. These savings will remain in the parent’s linked Smart Buddy debiting account.

Apply for a My Account with your child now to use this feature. This account will be automatically linked to his/her POSB Smart Buddy.

Apply now

Yes. Upon receiving the Smart Buddy card/watch, please download the POSB Smart Buddy Mobile App to activate the Smart Buddy payment chip and sync the Smart Buddy watch (if applicable) before your child uses it for payments.




Please note that the Free POPULAR membership is only for customers who successfully open a My Account for kids. Upon successful My Account Kids application, you will receive a notification via SMS or email with steps on how you may redeem your POPULAR membership e-Card.

You may submit an online request to link your child's bank account here. Once your application is successful, please enable the “Auto-transfer Savings” feature on the POSB Smart Buddy mobile app.

You may update the debiting account via the following 2 methods:

  • iBanking: Under “Cards”, select “Link Card to Deposit Account for ATM Use” → Select the desired Smart Buddy card and change the debiting account.
  • digibank: Tap “More” → Under “Manage Cards & Loans” section, select “Link Card to Account” → Select the desired Smart Buddy card under “POSB ATM Card” → change the debiting account.


Yes, cash is still accepted in these schools. Besides using the Smart Buddy card/watch for payments, your child can also use their School Smartcard or EZ-Link Card to pay at the canteen or at the bookshop.

Yes. Out-of-school, your child can also use their Smart Buddy card/watch to pay at more than 10,000 NETS contactless retailers islandwide. When making payment, just remember to inform the retailer to "Pay via NETS contactless".

Here are some retailers which accept Smart Buddy card/watch payments:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Cheers
  • Cold Storage
  • Daiso
  • HAO Mart
  • Koufu
  • National Library Board
  • NTUC FairPrice
  • Sheng Siong & more

Click here to view the full list of NETS Contactless merchants.

No. The Smart Buddy card/watch is not recommended for MRT or bus rides. All transit usage will be priced at full adult fare and users may experience intermittent performance.

Your child may use the following payment methods to pay:

  • Smart Buddy card/watch
  • School Smartcard
  • EZ-Link Card
  • DBS PayLah! (for SGQR enabled payments)

Allowance and Stamp Savings

If there is no child's deposit account linked to your child’s Smart Buddy profile, the total Stamp Savings will be credited back to your (parent’s) Smart Buddy linked debiting account by the 15th of the following month.

Yes, your child's daily allowance will be instantly updated and your child may use the updated daily allowance immediately.

No. Your account will only be deducted when a transaction is made.

E.g. if your child buys chicken rice for S$1.50, only S$1.50 will be deducted from your linked debiting account. Assuming your child doesn't spend the remaining allowance of S$0.50, this amount will be reflected as Allowance Savings under the "Savings" section on the Smart Buddy Mobile App.

No. Your child will not be able to transact via his/her Smart Buddy card/watch if the daily allowance has been exceeded. You will need to top-up your child’s daily allowance amount via the POSB Smart Buddy app.

With POSB Smart Buddy, you can automatically transfer your child's Allowance and Stamp Savings into his/her DBS/POSB deposit account.

You will need to link your child's account to Smart Buddy and enable the 'Auto-transfer Savings' toggle under your child's profile on the Smart Buddy Mobile App.

Once linked, your child's monthly savings [allowance and smiley stamps (if any)] will be deducted from your linked debiting account (i.e. the parent’s account linked to your child's Smart Buddy) and transferred into his/her bank account by the 15th of the following month.


Smart Buddy App

No, it is not a wallet. The Smart Buddy app only provides transactional info (e.g. allowance balance, spending and saving trends etc.) and useful tips on personal finance and money matters for both parent and child.

Follow the guides here to create an access for your child.

Note: Your child will not be able to make any adjustments to their allowance with this access.


Smart Buddy card/watch replace

You may temporarily disable the Smart Buddy watch on the Smart Buddy App. Follow the guides here to disable the account.

Do note that disabling the account only disables its usage on Smart Buddy terminals and NETS retailers outside of school. Non-NETS related transaction (i.e MRT/Bus ride) will not be disabled.

If the card is lost, refer to the More Information at the bottom of the page for the replacement options.

Your child may perform a 1-to-1 exchange at selected Smart Buddy enabled primary school’s General Office (excluding Pacific Bookstores only schools). Click here for the list of Smart Buddy enabled schools.

Alternatively, you may perform a 1-to-1 exchange at our Replacement Centre:

Smart Buddy Watch Service Centre (c/o STYL Solutions Pte Ltd)
3015A Ubi Road 1, #06-02, Singapore 408705
Operation Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm
  • Saturday, 9am to 12.30pm (only from 01 Sep to 31 Dec 2022)

(Closed on Public Holidays)

*Note: Please call 6518 3127 to make an appointment prior to your visit.

Do remember to remove the payment chip from the faulty watch and insert it into the new watch. Thereafter, set up the new watch via the ‘Watch’ section on the Smart Buddy Mobile App.



If you are using the Smart Buddy Watch, you will have to check the payment chip in the watch. You will find it on the reverse of the payment chip indicated in red below:



The Smart Buddy watch comes with the following features:

  • Date & Time
  • Fitness Tracker (i.e. steps, calories, distance)
  • Heart Rate Tracker*
  • 'Stay Active' Alerts**
  • 'Reminders'**
  • Display nickname**

Simply click the Function Button to access the various features.

* Feature available for HR3 version only (displayed above). If you are looking to purchase a new watch or watch accessories, click here.

** Manage/update settings via the Smart Buddy Mobile App

  • Using the pin provided in the Smart Buddy pack, insert it into the hole at the side of the watch. Gently press it upwards and pull out the SIM tray.
  • Place the payment chip on the SIM tray and push it back carefully into the watch.

Follow the guides here to set up your child’s Smart Buddy watch.

Note: Each Smart Buddy watch has a unique Bluetooth serial number. Please press the function button on the watch until you see the watch’s serial number on the watch display.

FREE Smart Buddy watches are only available for students in Smart Buddy enabled Primary Schools only. Click here for the list of Smart Buddy enabled schools.

No, the watch is only splash and water resistant. Do advise your child to avoid using the watch in the shower or in a swimming pool.

Yes. The date/time will continue to be updated. Only when the watch is turned off, the date/time will stop updating and you will have to set the date/time again when the watch is turned back on.

No, this means the watch has been turned off. When your watch is first turned on, you will see "HELLO" and it will go into standby mode after 10 seconds, i.e. the screen will turn dark.

The icon indicates that the data on the watch is full. Simply sync your child’s watch data via the “Watch” section on the Smart Buddy app to transfer the data from the watch into the app.

Note that the Smart buddy watch can hold up to 7 days of data (e.g. fitness data) For the full list of Smart buddy watch icons, click here.

No. When you turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, click “Cancel” or “Dismiss” if you’re asked to pair with the Smart Buddy watch.

Please ensure you have installed the latest version of the Smart Buddy Mobile App on your phone. Once done, please try to sync again. You may follow the guides here to sync your Smart Buddy watch.
If it still fails, you may have a faulty Smart buddy watch.

Please charge your Smart Buddy watch first before syncing it via the "Watch" section on the Smart Buddy app. You may follow the guides here to sync your Smart Buddy watch.
If it still fails, you may have a faulty Smart buddy watch.

The watch takes 4 hours for one full charge and it can last up to 7 days with regular usage. The watch can still be used to make payments even if the watch runs out of battery.