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When you switch over to the new Simple Mode on POSB digibank, you can personalise your home screen, so you’ll spend less time banking, and more time on the ones you love. If you ask us, that's the way digital banking should be. Enjoy quick, convenient access to your most used transactions, so everything is right where you want them.

And the best thing about Simple Mode, is that everyone can enjoy it!


Key Benefits

Simple Mode Mass

Personalise your digibank interface

Choose Simple Mode or Full Mode anytime to make online banking simpler for you.

Simple Mode Mass

Quicker access to your most-used transactions

Customise your top 6 quick access links housed on your home screen dashboard.

Simple Mode Mass

Easy set-up

Toggle and choose between Simple Mode or Full Mode with a switch of a button.


How to Activate Simple Mode

Enjoy simpler banking in 4 easy steps.

Simple Mode Mass

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Set up your Digital Token

3 easy steps to setting up your Digital Token on your digibank mobile app for safer and simpler banking online


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