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Hassle-free, paperless payments to more than 150 billing organisations through digibank (online or mobile).


Other bill payment channels include ATM, AXS and Phone Banking


Payment instructions to cater for all your billing needs: One-time Payment or Recurring Payments



Set up payment instructions based on your billing needs:

If you want to make a payment that occurs more than once


Same Bill Reference Number

Select “Add Recipient Now” to set up the details of your billing organisation for recurring payments.

Different Bill Reference Number

For bill payments with different reference numbers to the same organisation, please add the billing organisation and new reference number to Recipient list again.

For more information on GIRO, visit Frequently Asked Questions on GIRO.

If you want to make a payment that occurs only once


Simply enter the details of your payments directly.


Pay your bills

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For customers with ATM/Debit/Credit Card

For customers without card, kindly visit our branches.



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