Losing a Loved One

Closing a Joint Account

If your loved one held a joint account, the bank can release all the remaining balance in the account to the surviving joint account holder(s) under Right of Survivorship.

Joint - All account:
The Bank is obligated to act ONLY if there is written instruction from all surviving joint account holders (or their respective authorised signatories).

Joint - Alternate account:
The Bank will be able to act with written instruction from ANY surviving joint account holder (or their respective authorised signatories). No further authorisation or notification from other joint account holders will be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the discounted Singtel shares (SDS) when your loved one passes away?
The procedure to handle the deceased’s discounted Singtel shares (SDS) is dependent on your loved one date of death as well as the CPF nomination status.

You may refer to more information through the CPF website: Link