Secured Mailbox

General FAQs

  1. What is Contact Us?

    DBS iBanking Contact Us is a service that comprises of the following features:

    • Inbox
    • Compose
    • Sent Mail
    • Notifications
    • Call Us

    You can send the Bank an enquiry, general feedback or requests via iBanking. This new communication feature requires you to log in to iBanking with your existing Internet Banking User ID and Password with the IB Security Device PIN.

  2. What type of enquiries or requests can I send to the Bank?

    Please refer the drop-down list provided when you compose an email to the Bank. You can submit enquiries or requests related to Deposits, Loans, Investments, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking or provide general feedback.

  3. Can I include attachments in my email to the Bank?

    For security against the spread of a computer virus, no attachment of documents or images is allowed with the email message. Likewise, responses from the Bank will not include attachments.

  4. Can I send an email to you from my personal email address i.e. Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail?

    The Contact Us feature within DBS iBanking is a secured communication channel between you and the Bank. Communication to the Bank sent within DBS iBanking (post login) will receive a response from the Bank to your Personal Inbox within DBS iBanking (post login)

    Emails from your personal email (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) may be sent to the Bank through the Public Website’s Contact Us option at Responses to these from the Bank will be to your personal email addresses. Please note that the public website is not a secure site, hence, to safeguard your interests, the Bank will not respond on any account related information. Please do not include any account related information if you communicate with the Bank through the public website Contact Us option.

  5. How soon will I receive a response from the Bank?

    The Bank will respond to all enquiries, feedback and requests within 3 business days. Should the Bank require additional time to obtain a response, we will, within the 3 days let you know how long is needed.

  6. Is this service chargeable?

    This service is offered to all iBanking customers free of charge.