Whole Life Insurance Income Plans

About Whole Life Insurance Income Plans

Secure a stable financial future for your next generation without lifestyle compromises.

Manulife ReadyIncome

With a supplementary income stream, you can pursue the things you love without lifestyle compromises. It also helps you to build towards a stable financial future for your next generation.

We can help you start building a lasting income for you and your next generation with:

Manulife ReadyIncome

A whole life insurance income plan that gives you fixed and non-guaranteed yearly income payouts from the end of the 2nd policy year.

This plan can help you meet these possible needs:

  • Gifting for children
  • Supplementary income stream
  • Personal goals
  • Child’s education
  • Holiday
We can help you start planning for your retirement with these plans:
ManuProtect TermManulife ReadyIncome
Receive yearly payouts from this income plan to pursue your passions.
ManuProtect Decreasing/ManuProtect Decreasing LiteManulife SmartRetire
Take charge of your retirement goals with higher potential returns.

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