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When investing, make every dollar count. Invest in Unit Trusts which are professionally managed funds to help you grow your wealth.

A Unit Trust invests a pool of money, collected from a number of investors, in a range of assets. By pooling your money with that of other investors, you’ll be able to invest in a wide range of assets. Successful investments in the assets add value to the fund and their returns are then distributed back to investors.


Types of Unit Trusts

Unit Trusts are collections of different assets and commonly invest in stocks or bonds or a mix of both. To reduce risks, these investment assets are diversified in geographical markets and industry types.

  • Equity Funds
    Funds that invest solely in stocks1

    1Stocks are shares of a company
  • Fixed Income Funds
    Funds that invest solely in bonds2

    2Bonds are loans to an entity that earn a fixed or variable interest for a defined period of time
  • Balanced Funds
    Funds that invest in a mix of stocks and bonds

Unit Trusts are typically classified by geography, sector and type of assets held. A fund house's fund name would reflect these. For example, if a fund name reads "Yellow Pebble Asia Energy Equity Fund", this means that the fund is managed by a fund house called "Yellow Pebble" which invests in equity stocks of companies in the energy sector that are listed in Asia.


Benefits of investing in Unit Trusts


Professional management by fund managers who have greater access to investment information and tools. You can therefore benefit from their expertise and full time attention given to research

Risk management by investing in a diversified collection of assets

Liquidity, as most Unit Trusts can be redeemed daily, freeing up cash as you need it

Affordability as it allows you to start investing from just S$100/month or a minimum lump sum of S$1,000

Greater diversification enabled by a bigger investment capital pooled from a group of investors


Ways to Invest


  1. Lump-sum Contribution
    • One-time contribution with ad-hoc funds (e.g. an inheritance or bonus)
    • Additional contributions as and when funds are available
    • Start from just S$1,000 for certain funds
  2. POSB Invest-Saver (UTs)
    • Fuss-free monthly contribution from your DBS/ POSB via interbank GIRO or monthly deductions from your DBS/POSB savings or current account on the 15th of every month.
    • Start investing from just S$100/month
    • With Dollar-cost Averaging, you can potentially enjoy a lower average cost over time, compared to lump-sum contributions

      Illustration: How does Dollar Cost Averaging work?


      Average cost per unit: S$1,000 / 1,069.09 units = S$0.935
      (Average cost per unit is derived by averaging monthly contributions across the total number of units bought over 5 months. This respects the cost you have paid to acquire each unit of the fund)

      Average price per unit: S$4.73 / 5 months = S$0.946
      (Average price per unit is derived by averaging the unit prices over 5 months)


    The example above shows how Dollar Cost Averaging in Invest-Saver (UTs) can result in a lower cost per unit and lower average price per unit. With the same total contribution of S$1,000, Invest-Saver (UTs) allows you buy more units (total of 1,069.00 units) at a lower average unit price of S$0.935 over five months as compared with lump-sum contribution (total of 1000.00 units bought at a unit price of S$1.00 in January).

    All Invest-Saver (UTs)'s monthly contribution will fall on the 15th of every month (or the next business day if the 15th is a non-business day). Please note that the respective debiting date is subject to change.

    Check out our list of RSP eligible funds.

    View the user guide for step-by-step instructions to using Funds on digibank

    Note: After a successful transaction, the debit to your account and the update of the unit trust to your portfolio on digibank will be reflected on the settlement date of the fund as per the fund settlement cycle.

  3. Both Lump-sum Contribution and Invest-Saver (UTs)
    • Make a lump sum contribution (e.g. with your bonus) but continue investing with regular monthly contributions
    • Start investing with a lump sum of S$1,000 for certain funds and continue with monthly contributions of at least S$100/month

Three ways of funding your Unit Trusts investment

  1. Cash
  2. CPF Ordinary Account or Special Account savings
  3. SRS holdings

There will be an online sales charge of 0.82% per transaction on any investment amount.

Find out how much you should invest now, to reach your investment goal here.

*For illustration purposes only. Unit Trust prices may fluctuate.


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Interested to find more about investing in Unit Trusts?

  • Use Fund Search to select your preferred fund, then click ‘Buy Now’ to transact via iBanking.
  • Simply visit any POSB Branch and speak to our Wealth Planning Managers. Physical copies of the Unit Trust offer documents may be obtained from the branches.

Note: POSB acts in the capacity of a distributor and a financial advisor of third party Unit Trust. The investment managers of those third party unit trusts have the full discretion to manage and make any portfolio decisions.

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Earn bonus interest on your Multiplier Account for every new Unit Trust purchased with cash, POSB CPFIA or POSB SRS Account. Find out more.

Please note that with effect from 19 Jan 2021 , there is an update in Terms & Conditions Governing Investments in Funds.

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