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Increase Your Credit Limit In 5 Simple Steps:

Step 1
Login via digibank online > Apply

Step 2
Click on More Application Services > Credit Limit Review

Step 3
Indicate your Preferred Credit Limit

Step 4
Retrieve your income data using Myinfo with Singpass

Step 5
Verify and submit your Credit Limit Review application


Required documents

For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

Singpass holders applying via Myinfo with Singpass, no documents are required.


Salaried Employee

  1. Salary Crediting into DBS/POSB Account*1; or
  2. Latest Computerised Payslip*; or
  3. Latest 12 months’ CPF contribution History Statement*2; or
  4. Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment with (B) or (C)

Variable/Commission-based Employees

  1. Latest 2 years’ Income Tax Notice of Assessment


* Income record/ documents must not be dated more than 3 months prior to date of application.

1 Your salary must be credited via GIRO, to your own DBS/POSB Account for the last 3 consecutive months and your current annual income meets our minimum income criteria. Salary credited into joint account will not be considered.

2 Monthly CPF contribution is subject to an income ceiling of $6,300 per month currently.


Apply now

Simply Log in, Retrieve Myinfo with Singpass and Submit your application via DBS/POSB digibank online.

Apply now

Credit limit review application using Singpass is only applicable on DBS/POSB digibank online.

If your account is already suspended, please visit: Reinstatement of Suspended account to update your income and uplift the suspension.

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