At a Glance

The modern neighbourhood we live in today has changed, so have the personal goals and family priorities of our real neighbours in this film. Though different in many special ways, they share the same love and care for what matters to them. And all that's important to them, is important to us too.

This is what we mean when we promise "Neighbours first, Bankers second".


Making your priorities, ours


Find out what matters most to you

Discover our holistic range of products and services that is designed to put your needs first.

Navigate through market uncertainties with confidence and attain financial wellness today and in the long run.

Whether you’re a golden ager or a work permit holder, life’s easier when you have a neighbour who attends to your banking needs, wherever you are.

Parenting is no small feat, which is why POSB wants to embark on a journey with parents as they set their children off into the world of commerce.

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