Frequently Asked Questions

What is #FinFit?
#FinFit is a gamified financial planning challenge tailored for NSFs to boost their financial literacy and financial well-being. The challenge will commence from 1 January 2024 and end on 30 September 2024 (“Qualifying Period”).
Who is eligible to participate? What if I have ORD-ed/signed on?

Players must complete the sign up form, be aged 18-25 years old and credit a Full-time National Serviceman (NSF) monthly allowance to any DBS/POSB account, with at least 1 allowance credit taking place during the Qualifying Period.

Here are two examples of eligible players:

Scenario 1: Currently serving NS full-time/due to complete NS from Jan to Sep 2024

• Customers currently serving NS full-time or due to complete NS from Jan to Sep 2024 are eligible, if they have credited at least 1 NS allowance during this period.

Scenario 2: Going to enlist from Jan to Sep 2024

• Customers who are going to enlist from Jan to Sep 2024 are eligible upon crediting their first NS allowance after signing up. Eligibility will be determined based on the salary crediting data once it becomes available.

Can I participate as a team?
You may rally your fellow NSFs to tackle the challenges together! However, it's important to note that each player will earn their chances independently.
What prizes are there? If I win, when will I be notified?

The first 1,000 eligible players will receive a S$5 cash gift each. Winners will be notified by email and receive their cash gifts latest by 30 September 2024.

All eligible players will be entered into a lucky draw. The draw will be conducted on 6 November 2024 and 40 winners will take home a digiPortfolio investment each. Results will be announced on this page by 30 November 2024.

How do I view/track my progress?
View your…How do I get there?
Monthly savingsLogin to digibank > Plan > Save
Monthly spendingLogin to digibank > Plan > Money In/Out
InvestmentsLogin to digibank > Plan > Invest
InsuranceLogin to digibank > Plan > Insure

To receive a personalised progress report for a summary of completed quests, the number of chances earned and leaderboard standing, players will need to opt-in to receiving email notifications.

You may update your notification preferences on digibank:
More > Manage Notifications > Offers & Insights > Email (Checked)

Sign up and opt-in to email by end ofReceive report by end of
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