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We Can Help

We bring you simple and hassle-free solutions to get you started on your retirement plan.

Retirement Plans

With increasing cost of living, medical expenses and life expectancy, it’s wise to set aside funds today for a steady income stream during our retirement years.

Manulife SmartRetire

Manulife SmartRetireTake control of your retirement goals with greater potential returns.

About Retirement Insurance Plans

About Retirement Insurance PlansThe sooner you start planning for your golden years, the more affordable it will be.


RetireReadyThe retirement plan that gives you more time for yourself, and others.


People save for several reasons – from emergency cash to saving for a large purchase. You can earn higher interest on your savings with plans that consolidate your banking activities or encourage discipline.

Supplementary Retirement Scheme

Supplementary Retirement SchemePay less income tax while saving for the future with the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS).

Health & Medical Protection

As we live longer, we’ll have to cover ourselves for medical expenses and emergencies over a longer time period. Here are some protection plans that can give you that peace of mind.

Active Care

Active CareActive Care provides up to S$75,000 personal accident protection for customers aged 40 years old and below 71 years old.


MyCareSevere disability can happen at any age, so transform your ElderShield cover into lifetime benefits and better coverage.


MyShieldA Medisave-approved plan that provides comprehensive health and hospitalisation protection for you and your family.

We Care

We CareGet affordable protection with We Care from just S$0.65 per day.

Income & Liability Protection

When the unforeseen happens, protect yourself against outstanding liabilities (short and long term). Your income can be protected as well, so you can continue to provide for your dependants.

ManuProtect Decreasing - Mortgage Insurance

ManuProtect Decreasing - Mortgage InsuranceEnsure your loved ones will always have a roof over their heads.

ManuProtect Term - Level Term Life Insurance

ManuProtect Term - Level Term Life InsuranceProtect yourself, your loved ones or your home from just S$21 a day.

Loan Management

Looking for affordable ways to service your loans? We’ve enhanced our range of innovative secured and unsecured loan products and services to meet your needs.


POSB HDB LoanSave S$20,000 with the POSB HDB Loan! Guaranteed lower than the HDB Concessionary Loan rate!

POSB Loan Assist

POSB Loan AssistEnjoy fixed interest rate and monthly instalments to better manage your finances.

Wealth Creation

Inflation may erode the value of your savings over time. Grow your wealth over the long term through investing, and safeguard your investments through careful financial planning.

Singapore Savings Bonds

Singapore Savings BondsTo provide individuals with a long-term savings option that offers safe returns

Unit Trusts

Unit TrustsStart investing in Unit Trusts from S$1000 and get a diversified investment portfolio that is managed by professionals.

Trading Services

Trading ServicesA direct link to DBS Vickers — Singapore’s first banking service that lets you trade online through iBanking

POSB Invest-Saver

POSB Invest-SaverInvest in Singapore bonds or blue chip stocks from just S$100 a month!