Unable to Withdraw and Transact

Common reasons include exceeding daily withdrawal limit, using an expired or blocked card, card not activated for overseas usage or not supported by overseas ATM.

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Important information

  • SMS Banking services will cease progressively from February 2023.

Exceeded Daily Withdrawal Limit

The default limit for local and overseas cash withdrawal is $3,000 per day and NETS purchases is $5,000 per day. You can amend it to any amount between $0 and $9,000 via digibank.

Click here to learn how you can change your withdrawal and NETS daily limit.

Expired Card

Check the expiry date stated on your card to confirm if it has expired.

If your card has expired:
  • You should have been issued a replacement card 1 month before your existing card expires.
  • To activate the new card, click here.

Please contact us if you did not receive any replacement card.

Inactive Card
You can activate your new card easily using SMS Banking, digibank Online, digibank or at our POSB/DBS ATM and Video Teller Machine (VTM). Click here to learn more.
Insufficient Balance
You can check your account balance using digibank Online, digibank, SMS Banking, Phone Banking, POSB/DBS ATM and Video Teller Machine (VTM). Click here to learn more.
Card not Activated for Overseas Use (When Overseas)

Your ATM/Debit Card's magnetic stripe needs to be activated before any withdrawals or transactions can be performed overseas.

Click here to find out more on Overseas Magnetic Stripe Activation.

Card not Supported by the Overseas ATM (When Overseas)
  • Do not use ATMs that accept 4 digit PINs as our cards only function using 6 digit PINs.
  • Match your card association’s respective logos to the Overseas ATMs, for example:
    • MasterCard - Cirrus or Maestro Logo
    • VISA - Plus Logo

To understand the charges for overseas withdrawals, click here.

Card Blocked Due to Exceeded Daily Overseas Withdrawal Attempts (When Overseas)
Overseas withdrawals using an ATM/Debit card is limited to a maximum of 3 attempts daily to ensure that your card security is preserved.

Any additional attempts will result in the blocking of your card to prevent any potential misuse.

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