Singaporean perspective to Asian investing
28 Aug 2020

Singaporean perspective to Asian investing


With interest rates near historic lows, investors requiring income for their spending needs, especially those in or approaching their golden years, may be better served by pivoting away from low-yielding cash and deposits to stretch their retirement savings.

While global growth has taken a beating, Asia remains poised to continue its sustainable growth path once the COVID-19 pandemic abates, supported by trends like favourable demographics, a rising middle class and high digital adoption.

So, how can investors draw a sustainable income stream while at the same time get exposure to a range of investment growth themes across Asia?

Schroder Asia More+ +++

What are the Key Characteristics of this fund?

  • This is an income-oriented, Asian multi-asset fund with modest capital appreciation potential.
  • Designed for the Singapore investor in mind: The fund can invest in Singapore securities and hedges a portion of FX back to SGD.
  • Fund targets 5% p.a. distribution (paid monthly). Decumulation and accumulation shareclasses are also available.

Why this Fund? 3 Reasons:

  1. Schroders’ core area of Expertise: Schroders is an established Asian multi-asset manager with flagships in equities and multi-asset strategies.
  2. Diversified and broad exposures to Asia: Investors gain access to a diversified portfolio comprising of the core asset classes of 40% Equities (including REITs) and 60% Fixed Income. The Income portion of the portfolio seeks to mitigate volatility and provide resilience over the long term.
  3. Low-cost, One-stop solution: The fund offers investors a relatively low-cost solution that caters to varying income needs of investors.

Article credit: Fund Selection Team
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