Investing in the new economy

Investing in the new economy


In this age of unprecedented innovation and digital disruption, a wealth of opportunities is emerging in the global economy. Notwithstanding, eager investors looking to capitalise on these trends by targeting narrow themes or sectors may be exposed to disappointing outcomes. Instead, a prudent manner would be to adopt a broad, dynamic investment approach by investing in a range of companies that are well-placed to capture the growth and innovation in this evolving global economy.

Capital Group New Economy Fund

What are the Key Characteristics of this fund?

  • Large-cap, growth-styled equity investing.
  • The fund seeks to identify Successful, Innovative Businesses. There exists a positive link between companies that innovate and/or disrupt and profitability/growth.
  • Invests in companies, not themes across all sectors and geographies to identify hidden opportunities in this evolving economy.

Why this Fund? 3 Reasons:

  1. DBS Barbell Strategy: The DBS Barbell strategy advocates allocations to growth/disruption buckets, balanced with income-generating assets.
  2. The People: Co-managed by an experienced investment team of 4 Portfolio Managers and research analysts who have experience investing through various market cycles. The team has a median investment experience of ~30 years.
  3. Consistent track record: Since its launch in 1983, the strategy has returned 10.5% p.a. vs 9.5% p.a. for MSCI ACWI (as at 31 Dec 2019).

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*All investments come with risks and you can lose money on your investment. Invest only if you understand and can monitor your investment. Diversify your investments and avoid investing a large portion of your money in a single product issuer.


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