What is SimplyGo and why should I use it?
02 May 2019

What is SimplyGo and why should I use it?

It’s happened to you before. You’re running late, the train is arriving in 2 minutes, the next one in 6. You rush to the gantry, whip your EZ-Link card, and a red light comes up. Insufficient balance. You glance at the queue to top-up your card and it's way too long. It’s every commuter's mini-nightmare.

insufficient value in card at mrt gantry

The problem is, it happens too often. It’s 2019 - surely there is a way to avoid this situation.

There is the option to automatically top up your EZ-Link card or use the NETS FlashPay function on your credit card to pay for your public transport fares while on the go. But from April 2019, there is a new function called SimplyGo that streamlines the process for you.

That card you use for your everyday needs, such as grocery shopping, dining out, online purchases and more can now be used to pay for your bus and train rides.

Here are a few ways SimplyGo can simplify your life.

1. Your card can now do it all.

buy groceries and travel with the same POSB card

From the moment you step out of your house, one card is all you need. Need to buy the week’s groceries online? Check. Bun for breakfast at the MRT station? Check. Tapping in at the MRT gantry? Check. No more fumbling around for your EZ-Link card during rush hour, or hearing that embarrassing beep informing you your balance is too low.

2. Know where your money is going. Know where you’re heading, too

Perhaps you’ve spent wasted time at bus stops wondering when your bus is going to arrive, and even after checking a multitude of apps, you are still unable to determine the actual arrival time. It’s particularly frustrating when you’ve planned your journey down to a T only to be derailed by a bus that’s taking longer than usual.

With SimplyGo, you can download the accompanying TL SimplyGo mobile app to search for bus and MRT route suggestions. You can also view fare charges, estimated travel time and bus arrival times with just one app. Additionally, you can find out which MRT or LRT stations are adjacent to Government offices and statutory boards, various places of interest, hospitals and medical clinics.

Gone are the days that you need to visit the ticketing machines to view your transaction records. By registering for a SimplyGo account on the app, you will be able to view your travel expenditure and history anytime, anywhere. Registered contactless bank card users can also opt to receive push notifications for fares after each trip is completed.

find MRT or LRT stations with SimplyGo account

With the app, you can also pull up your transaction records - and file claims if you’ve been overcharged (which you’ll find out because your records are there for your reference).

3. Break down what you’re spending on, all in one place

Budgeting = Adulting 101. And it can be a pain when you need to go to multiple sources just to find out where your money is going. On busy months, sometimes it’s easier to not look at how much you’re spending at all. When your food expenditure for the month, that top you decided to splurge on and public transport expenses are all put on one card, it makes it that much easier to see what you’re spending on - and make better decisions as a result.

Also - there will be no additional fees when you use SimplyGo. You will be paying the same fares as you usually would.

4. When your phone = life …

Our lives revolve around our phones. Mealtime? Time to order something from your favourite food delivery service. Heading somewhere? Check bus timings using the TL SimplyGo app. If you’re not already doing so, you can provision your card on your mobile wallet and use your phone to tap in and out of buses and trains while on the go. Just make sure you have enough phone battery to last you the journey!

Wondering if you can SimplyGo with your existing card? You can do so with these cards:

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