POSB Cashback Bonus

Salary Credit (0.3%) - Capped at S$20

Credit your salary to any POSB/DBS Deposit Account

  • Minimum S$2,500 via GIRO
  • Use transaction reference codes 'SAL' or 'PAY'
  • Reflected as either 'GIRO SALARY' or 'SALARY' in your Statement of Account

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Credit Card Spend (0.3%) - Capped at S$20

Spend with any POSB/DBS personal credit card(s)

  • No minimum monthly spend required
  • Monthly spend consists of retail/cash advance transactions posted within the 1st & last calendar day
  • Eligible transactions across main cards & supplementary cards are accorded to the main cardholder

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Home Loan Instalments (3%) - Capped at S$30

Apply for a POSB/DBS Home Loan or refinance with us

  • Monthly instalment(s) due on your home loan(s) with POSB/DBS will be recognised
  • Cash and CPF components included
  • Earn cashback on your existing mortgage, new or refinanced POSB/DBS Home Loan
  • Up to 3 joint borrowers can earn cashback from the full monthly instalment amount after signing up for POSB Cashback Bonus

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Insurance (3%) - Capped at S$30

Cashback Bonus recognises all Manulife Regular Premium insurance policies distributed by DBS/POSB. No minimum premium amount required.

  • Valid for new regular premium policy purchased after Cashback Bonus is opened.
  • The recognition of the monthly premium (i.e. Annualised premium/12) starts 1 month after policy inception and continues for 12 consecutive months as long as policy is in force.

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Investments (3%) - Capped at S$30

Start Investing with POSB/DBS

  • Valid for POSB Invest-Saver for Exchange Traded Funds or Unit Trusts, Unit Trust Lump Sum Investments, and Unit Trust Regular Savings Plan purchased after joining POSB Cashback Bonus
  • The investment amount of your Unit Trust Lump Sum Investment will be recognised after your free-look/cancellation period
  • Monthly contribution amount for Unit Trust Regular Savings Plan and/or POSB Invest-Saver will be recognised for the first 12 consecutive contributions per investment fund
  • No minimum investment amount required

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a home loan with DBS, do I still qualify?

Yes you do, if you are one of the borrowers (up to a maximum of 3 joint borrowers) and the loan has been disbursed.

I only have 2 of the five categories. What can I do?

You will need to have eligible transactions in at least 3 of the 5 transaction categories:

  • Salary Credit (Min. of $2500)
  • Credit Card Spend
  • Home Loan Instalments
  • Insurance (only for new purchases made after enrolment)
  • Investment (only for new purchases made after enrolment)
When will I get my cashback?

Cashback is credited by the 7th working day of the following month. If the 7th working day falls on a Sunday or Public Holiday, it will be credited by the next working day.