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As a parent, you’ll be applying for Smart Buddy on behalf of your child (6 to 17 years old only). Before you apply, please ensure that you have the following:

digibank or any ATM, Debit or Credit Card Number

For authentication

POSB Savings Account or DBS Current or Savings Account

Your account will be deducted when your child makes a transaction

Registered mobile number

An SMS OTP will be sent for Smart Buddy activation

Registered email address

You’ll be notified once your application has been approved

Get started with digibot to apply for Smart Buddy today!


  • Application of Smart Buddy is applicable to participating schools only.
  • POSB Child Development Account, POSB Current Account and Trust Accounts cannot be linked to Smart Buddy.
  • The Smart Buddy Pack will be delivered to the address tagged to the parent’s bank account within 7 - 14 working days (due to high volume) upon successful application.
  • If you need to make any changes/amendments during your application, please enter ‘apply for smart buddy’ to start over.

About Parent’s Bank Account

Your bank account will only be deducted when your child taps Smart Buddy to make payments. You may set a daily spending limit via the ‘Allowance’ section on Smart Buddy Mobile App.


About Child’s Bank Account

If your child’s account is linked with Smart Buddy, you may opt to automatically transfer their Allowance and Stamp Savings into his/her bank account every month. Simply enable the ‘auto-transfer’ function under your child’s profile on Smart Buddy App.


Preferred Smart Buddy

During your application, you may select your child’s preferred Smart Buddy. Please note that Smart Buddy watch is applicable for primary school students only.

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