How it works

Ahead of the pack with auto PayNow enrolment

Receive funds seamlessly from family, friends, and government agencies when you are PayNow-registered.

We will help enrol your child to PayNow when you apply for this account. You can choose to opt out of PayNow registration during the account opening process.

Get them started on managing their finances with Smart Buddy

With Smart Buddy, you can instantly transfer pocket money to your child to make digital payments via their wearable watch/card and monitor their spending in real time. Link this account with your child’s Smart Buddy to automatically save their unused pocket money every month and watch their savings grow!

Empowering them with the all-in-one app, PayLah!

Outside of school, they can use PayLah! to easily order meals, take rides, and go shopping. You can also choose to transfer their pocket money to their PayLah! wallet.

Time for your kid to get their very first DBS/POSB Card

At the age of 12, they are eligible to apply for a DBS/POSB ATM Card at any DBS/POSB branch.

At the age of 16, they get access to DBS/POSB digibank services and apply for the DBS Visa Debit Card, unlocking up to 4% cashback on eligible transactions. The DBS Visa Debit Card application is available through the DBS/POSB digibank app, VTM, or at a branch.

For our existing customers - Foreigners

Have the required documents ready prior to your application. Your application will be processed within 3 working days upon submission.

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For our new customers

You can start by opening your first DBS/POSB, Savings or Current account, using our digibank app. Thereafter, you can open an account for your child.

Unsure of what we offer? You may consider the following accounts:

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Multiplier Account

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