DBS AutoSave Conversion

  1. What is the DBS AutoSave conversion about?

    DBS Autosave conversion is an all-in-one account that lets you save and transact in Singapore dollars and multiple foreign currencies. We invite existing DBS AutoSave customers (of personal or joint-alternate account type enrolled with eStatement) to convert their account to DBS Multi-Currency without any hassle. The account number and the services linked to the account remains the same and will not be affected by the conversion.

    Existing DBS Autosave customers who already have iBanking and AutoSave enrolled with eStatement can convert seamlessly in 3 simple steps:

    • Step 1: Select “More Requests” under the Request tab of the top navigation panel.
    • Step 2: Select “Request for DBS Autosave Conversion” under “Other Services”.
    • Step 3: Confirm and verify your account details.

    If you are not currently an iBanking customer, click here to sign up for iBanking now.

  2. What are the benefits of converting to Multi-Currency Autosave?

    Our best-in-class local deposit account gives you:

    • The widest network to more than 1,000 ATMs, Cash Deposit Machines and Quick Cheque Deposit Boxes self service banking services in Singapore.
    • One time account opening and one account number to remember (For SGD and foreign currencies).
    • An interest-earning account, packaged with debit card, iBanking and eStatement to meet all your banking needs.
    • All-in-one eStatement to show both SGD and foreign currencies balances and transaction details.

    Better manage your foreign exchange exposure with:

    • Easy conversion from one currency to another, to take advantage of any foreign exchange movement
    • Withdrawal in foreign currencies without further foreign exchange conversions
    • Receive foreign currency funds directly into your account

    Accessible via multiple channels including:

    • Branch
    • iBanking
    • digibank app

  3. Will I have to pay a fee to convert?

    No. This is a complimentary service.

  4. Can I log in to iBanking to submit my DBS Autosave for conversion if my DBS AutoSave is not enrolled with eStatement?

    Yes. DBS Multi-Currency AutoSave comes auto-enrolled with eStatement. Please log in to iBanking to enrol your DBS AutoSave with eStatement and submit your conversion.