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The modern neighbourhood we live in today has changed, so have the personal goals and family priorities of our real neighbours in this film. Though different in many special ways, they share the same love and care for what matters to them. And all that's important to them, is important to us too.

This is what we mean when we promise "Neighbours first, Bankers second".


Making your priorities, ours


Let’s beat inflation together

Our latest DBS NAV Financial Health report shows that for 40% of our customers, the rate of inflation is increasing faster than wage growth, with the greatest lag seen among low-income and Boomers. With expenses ballooning twice as fast as income over the past year, it is important to keep discretionary spend in check and cut back on non-essential expenditure.

So, what can you do to win the race against inflation?


Review your finances regularly

Stay on top of your finances with monthly or quarterly reviews. Click on the plan tab on our digibank app to see all your money automatically categorised in one place. We’ve also added new nudges and tips to help you improve your financial situation and manage uncertain times ahead.

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Save more and spend wisely

Customers are now spending 64% of their income, versus 59% a year ago, due the effects of inflation. Shop wisely by buying house brand products in supermarkets and bulk-buy non-perishables.

To ensure you save on your necessities, we’ve amped up rewards on our POSB Everyday Card & PAssion POSB Debit Cards (7% on groceries, 5% on transport and utilities). We’ve also made it easier for you to save with your DBS/POSB cards as you check out all the deals on Lobang Kit. Just remember to keep your spending in check, pay bills in full and on time.

Enjoy cashback and rewards on your daily essentials, meals, transport and more using PayLah! You can also keep your cashflow when you offset your spending using DBS Points or POSB Daily$.

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Lobang Kit

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Inflation-proof your savings

To protect your money from losing its value due to inflation, consider putting your emergency savings in a higher interest-yielding savings account like Multiplier. We’ve increased our rates up to 3.5% p.a. and made it higher for the lower/starting tiers.

Inflation Hack: If you are already crediting your salary with us, you can earn an additional 2% p.a. on your monthly savings with our SAYE Account. This hack lets you DOUBLE the ways to earn EVEN MORE interest! Here’s how it might work for you:​

  • Earns $3,800 and spends $500 each month
  • Places savings of $2,000 in Multiplier
  • Commits savings of $500/month in SAYE
  • Earns 0.9% p.a. interest on $2,000 in Multiplier and 2% p.a. on monthly savings in SAYE

Year 1 Estimated Earnings: S$89.79

  • Earns S$6,200 and spends S$1,000 each month
  • Has S$50,000 savings in Multiplier Account
  • Earns 1% p.a. interest on first S$25,000, 0.05% on remaining S$25,000
  • Commits to S$1,000 savings each month in SAYE
  • Earns 2% p.a. on monthly savings in SAYE

Year 1 Estimated Earnings: S$409.83

Alternatively, consider Singapore Savings Bonds and short-term endowment plans. SSBs are risk-free bonds issued and backed by the Singapore Government with a AAA credit rating. A short-term endowment plan we just launched, SavvyEndowment 9, gives you up to 2.8% p.a. over 2 years!.


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Save As You Earn

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SavvyEndowment 9

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Save on your home loan

Your home loan is one of the largest and longest financial commitments that greatly impact your savings and cashflow. That’s why we’ve launched two first-in-market Savings + Home Financing Solutions to help you get the most value out of your mortgage – POSB HomeSaver and POSB HDB Home Loan.

POSB HomeSaver + SAYE
In inflationary times, you should set aside more than the recommended 3-6 months emergency savings to buffer for market uncertainties and rising rates. Consider setting aside savings every month via POSB’s Save-As-You-Earn (SAYE) where you can earn 2% p.a. on monthly contributions for the first 2 years. Read how to inflation-proof your savings here.

At the same time, take advantage of our POSB HomeSaver to receive a S$500 cash bonus when you get a new home loan with us. Enjoy an additional S$200 when you sign up for our Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) product, an insurance policy to take care of your mortgage payments if the unexpected happens.

Here’s an illustration of how HomeSaver + SAYE works, coupled with our Multiplier financial planning rewards programme:


  • Apply for a new home loan (S$300,000 loan amount)
  • Get S$500 cash bonus (only with existing or new SAYE Account)
  • Sign up for MRTA with us to get additional S$200 cash bonus
  • Pay monthly mortgage and MRTA, contributing to Multiplier transactions
  • Earn 1.4% p.a. on S$50,000 savings in Multiplier (based on income + 3 transaction categories: credit card spend, home loan and MRTA insurance)

Year 1 Estimated Benefits: S$1,547.83

POSB HomeSaver

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POSB HDB Home Loan
To further support those who are hardest hit by inflation, we’ve designed an exclusive POSB HDB home loan package to help you realise your home ownership goals. HDB home buyers and existing HDB owners with an average monthly income of S$2,500 and below (including joint and single applicants), may apply for this loan which is similar to the current HDB concessionary loan at 2.6% p.a.. This promotion is for a limited-time period only. Qualifying criteria apply.

POSB HDB Home Loan

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Start investing and stay invested

Invest at least 50% of your net worth, but don’t invest more than you’re willing to risk. Start from S$100 a month investing in ETFs with InvestSaver using dollar-cost averaging. Diversify further with digiPortfolio, starting from S$1,000, and choose a portfolio that suits your risk appetite.


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Protect yourself with insurance

We recommend a basic hospitalisation plan, a basic term coverage of about 9-10x your annual income, and about 5x your annual income in critical illness cover. Start from S$2.50 a month, no medical check up needed, with ProtectFirst which provides basic coverage on the Big 5 Critical Illnesses (including early stage), Life Protection and Serious Accidents.


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Stress-test your financial plan

Plan for higher costs of living by assuming different inflation scenarios e.g., 3%, 4% or 5% and work out how these scenarios would impact future cashflows and your retirement plans

If you need to free up cashflow for an immediate need, you can consider Insurance CashAccess. With Insurance CashAccess, we’re here to help you stay in control of your policy. So you don’t have to surrender your policy or sell it to a 3rd party broker without the option of reclaiming your hard-earned benefits.

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Insurance CashAccess

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Increased cashback: Up to 7% (from 5%)
  • 7% cashback at Sheng Siong
  • 5% cashback on transport with SimplyGo (no min spend)
  • 5% cashback on utilities

T&Cs apply.

Increased cashback: Up to 7% (from 5%)
  • 7% cashback at Cold Storage, Guardian, 7-Eleven, Giant
  • 5% cashback on transport with SimplyGo
  • 5% cashback on utilities

T&Cs apply.

Latest rate: UP TO 3.5% p.a. (Usual 3% p.a.)
  • No minimum amount, to help you save more
  • Diverse ways to grow your savings easily

T&Cs apply. SGD deposits are insured up to $75K by SDIC.

  • Access regional and global portfolios
  • Full transparency of your holdings and performance at your fingertips
  • No lock-in period, low fees
Manage market risk with dollar-cost averaging
  • Set up regular savings plan with just s$100/month
  • No CDP or trading accounts needed
  • Invest in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) & UTs (Unit Trusts)
  • Keep track of money easily
  • Set up spending targets
  • Cut back on non-essential expenses

Big 5 Critical Illnesses (Including Early Stage), Life Protection and Serious Accidents
  • 50% off premiums for the first 2 years
  • Start from S$2.50/month
  • No medical check-up needed
Don’t sell your policy and lose your hard-earned benefits
  • Access cash from your insurance policy early for an urgent need
  • Buy it back when you’re ready


Find out what matters most to you

Discover our holistic range of products and services that is designed to put your needs first.

Navigate through market uncertainties with confidence and attain financial wellness today and in the long run.

Whether you’re a golden ager or a work permit holder, life’s easier when you have a neighbour who attends to your banking needs, wherever you are.

Parenting is no small feat, which is why POSB wants to embark on a journey with parents as they set their children off into the world of commerce.

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