Apply digibank for Work Permit Holders

Register and activate your digibank now and experience a simpler way of banking anytime, anywhere. Upon sign-up and activation, you will also be able to access the full suite of digital services.

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Important information

  • This guide is for work permit holders only, if you are not a work permit holder, learn how to Apply for digibank here.
  • Ensure your card is activated before applying for digibank. Find out out how to Activate Payroll Account for Work Permit Holders.
  • DO NOT disclose your User ID, PIN, or other identification numbers to anyone and NEVER save your password on your device.
  • Learn how to #BSHARP and bank safely online.

How to Apply digibank for Work Permit Holders

digibank Mobile
phone frame
open app
need digibank access
select atm/debit card
card number and pin
user id and pin
review and confirm
Step 1
Download the digibank Mobile app from the App Store, Google Play or AppGallery.
Step 2
Launch the digibank Mobile app and tap on Sign up for digibank.
Step 3
Tap I need digibank access.
Step 4
Select Debit/ATM Card.
Step 5
Enter your Debit/ATM Card Number, 6-digit Card PIN and tap Next.
Step 6
Complete your Credentials by inputting your preferred User ID & PIN. Verify your mobile number, email address, mailing address and tap on Next.
Step 7
Review and Confirm the details and tap on Confirm.
Step 8
Your digibank onboarding is completed. Tap on Proceed to digibank to Set up your Digital Token next.
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