Alerts on ATM and Other Banking Services

You can customise notification alerts based on your preferred transaction threshold amount via digibank Online.

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Customise Notification Alerts
Log in to digibank Online
  • Complete the 2-Factor Authentication Instructions.
  • Select the Transaction(s) and Mode of Alert(s) by placing a tick in the boxes.
  • Indicate the Minimum alert amount and click Next at the bottom of the page.
  • Verify the changes, click Submit and complete the 2-Factor Authentication Instructions.
Alert Services & Limits
Alert Service Min and Max Alert Threshold
  • Fund Transfer
    • To My Account
    • To Another DBS or POSB Account
    • To Another Bank Account
  • Fund Transfer and Payments (One-Time)
  • d2pay (eNETS) Transactions
  • Pay Other Credit Card
  • PayNow Outgoing Transactions
  • Scan and Pay Transactions
Min: S$0.01
Max: $15,000 or following existing customer’s daily limit*whichever is lower.
Pay Bills Min: S$0.01
Max: S$15,000
Local ATM Cash Withdrawal Min: S$500
Max: S$2,000
NETS Transactions Min: S$0
Max: S$2,000
Cheque Clearing Min: S$500


  • *The daily transfer limit for Private Banking and Treasure Private Banking clients can be more than $25,000.

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