Declined Transactions

Common reasons include card not activated, insufficient credit limit or incorrect card details being entered.

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Common reasons that may cause your transaction to be declined

Your Credit Card has not been activated for use

Please note that if your credit card(s) is newly approved or recently replaced, you will need to activate it before usage.

Click here to find out how you may activate your credit card(s).

Insufficient available credit limit

Click here to find out how you may check your credit card(s) available credit limit.

You may also wish to:

You entered an incorrect card expiry date and CVC / CVV number
  • Your Card expiry date is located below your Debit/Credit Card number under Valid Thru.
  • Your Card CVC / CVV number is a 3-digit number located at the back of your Debit/Credit Card below the magnetic stripe.
Credit Card suspended due to payment related issues

For payment related issues, you can contact us at 6227 6864, between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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