Declined Transactions

Common reasons include card not activated, insufficient credit limit or incorrect card details being entered.

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Common reasons that may cause your transaction to be declined

Your Credit Card has not been activated for use
  • Please note that if your credit card(s) is newly approved or recently replaced, you will need to activate it before usage.
  • Learn more about how to Activate your Credit Card(s).
Learn more about how to Check your Credit Card(s) Available Credit Limit.
You may also wish to:
  • Your Card expiry date is located below your Debit/Credit Card number under Valid Thru.
  • Your Card CVC / CVV number is a 3-digit number located at the back of your Debit/Credit Card below the magnetic stripe.

Learn more about how you may check/ review your Payment Controls setting via digibank mobile app. Payment Controls allows you to customise your Card Functions:

  • Temporarily ‘lock’ or ‘unlock’ your debit or credit cards
  • Enable/ disable online e-commerce transactions on all local or overseas websites
  • Enable/ disable usage for ‘face to face’ overseas transactions
  • Enable/ disable usage for contactless and mobile wallet payments at local and overseas merchants
  • Enable/ disable cash advance transactions on credit cards
  • Set a monthly spend limit
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