Baby’s First Plane Ride

5 tips to make it through your baby’s first plane ride

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Planning a holiday with your baby or toddler? Flying with kids is often stressful, especially when it is your baby’s very first trip! Will they sleep or cry throughout the whole flight? How will you keep them entertained? Here are five top tips to get you through your first flight with your baby or toddler.

1. Book a bassinet seat


The front row of economy class often has wall-mounted bassinets at bulkhead position which are reserved for infants (each airlines has their own maximum age and weight limits). You can book a bassinet seat so that your baby can lie flat once the airplane has taken off - freeing up your arms and making travel so much easier for both parent and baby. Just do note the arm rests of these seats do not lift up and you may need to pick your baby up during turbulence.

2. Pack your carry-on wisely: snacks, clothes, toys


Get your best Mary Poppins hand luggage bag (make sure it fits the airline’s requirements for size and weight restrictions) and plan out all the essentials. You’ll need diapers and wet wipes aplenty, at least one spare change of clothes for your baby and yourself (in case baby is sick on you), baby snacks if they are old enough, and baby formula if you aren’t breastfeeding. Plus their favourite sleep thing, a toy, dummies if they use them, and any medications (make sure they are under 100ml).

3. Walk the aisles


If you’ve tried everything and your baby just won’t sleep or sit still, it’s time to walk the aisles with them! If you have a crawler and they want to be active themselves, you may be able to let them crawl around at the back of the plane where the aisle is a bit wider. If you’ve got a new walker and happen to be flying on A380, walking up and down the stairs has always been a hit with our bubs (with the bonus that you’re keeping out of everyone’s way).

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!


If you are travelling long-haul on your own mama, this one is for you! Sometimes just knowing you can ask a fellow passenger or cabin crew for help is enough to calm your nerves on your first flight with your bub.

5. Get a free flight for your bub

free flight

Now that you’re armed with these tips to make your baby’s first flight stress-free, it’s time to open a POSB Smiley CDA and redeem that free economy flight on Singapore Airlines!

The POSB Smiley CDA is a special savings account for newborns that provide dollar-for-dollar matching from the government, 2% p.a. interest with no minimum balance required, merchandise discounts, and last but not least, free economy flight with Singapore Airlines to any destination worldwide for your infant (worth up to $300)*. The free flight is yours to enjoy even if you switch from your baby’s current CDA to POSB Smiley CDA. Read up on how to redeem here.

Safe flight mama!

*While stocks last. Child must be below 2 years old during travel period to be eligible for the infant ticket. Redemption must be done at least 7 working days prior to travel date. Bassinet seats are subjected to availability. T&Cs apply. SGD deposits are insured up to S$75k by SDIC.

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