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Education and enrichment for kids: Tips, deals and classes

Most of us will agree that raising kids is an adventure for both the parents and the children alike. From the day they come into our world, to them taking their very first step, we savour every moment of their little milestones, as we journey down the path of life with them.

As they grow, we continually explore ways to help our young ones develop their interests or uncover their talent, support them to achieve their tiny goals and ideally, excel at the different key stages of their lives.

With so many types of activities and programmes out there offered for kids, it can be hard to know where to start.

Why not check out POSB Education Marketplace? It is a one-stop shop for all your child’s academic and non-academic needs. Here’s what you need to know and what it offers.

What is POSB Education Marketplace?

What is POSB Education Marketplace

POSB Education Marketplace is our latest marketplace offering following our property, car, travel and utilities marketplaces.

Here, you will find educational activities, including the best academic and enrichment classes, curated by our partners like Flying Cape and 88tuition, for your child.

For POSB/DBS customers, you also get to enjoy exclusive deals and special prices when you sign up for a class on POSB Education Marketplace.

What type of classes can you find on POSB Education Marketplace?

What type of classes can you find on POSB Education Marketplace

From academic to enrichment classes to school holiday programmes, POSB Education Marketplace offers a wide variety of educational activities that you can enrol your child into.


For those who are unfamiliar with 88tuition, it is a video-based learning platform for Primary 1 to Secondary 5 students. All of 88tuition’s curriculum adheres to the MOE syllabus with computer-aided assessment and updated exam questions to ensure that your child is learning the most updated content.

88tuition also leverages some of the best technologies to create, curate and customise your child’s learning progress. The learning journey is personalised so that your child is able to review, analyse and focus on areas where he/she is weak in.

If you aren’t sure about committing to the service yet, there’s the option of a 14-day trial. If it suits your child’s learning needs, then consider going for a longer subscription plan.


Nowadays, education is no longer limited to academic knowledge that you learn in the classroom. Your child needs to be exposed to a holistic range of activities and learning that happens outside of the classroom.

That’s why you may consider supplementing your child’s academic learning from a selection of interesting and mind-stimulating enrichment classes.

Flying Cape offers a variety of workshops ranging from coding classes, entrepreneurship classes to sports and dance classes. Each class is designed to stimulate your child’s cognitive development.

School Holiday Programmes

Besides enrichment classes, you can take your pick too from their specially curated holiday programmes during the March, June, September and December school holidays.

Each of the holiday programmes is put together to keep your child meaningfully engaged and allow continual learning even while school is out. This will alleviate worries about finding your child sitting in front of the television screen or computer and binging on unhealthy content all day long.

What’s more, it creates opportunities for your child to mingle and make friends with others while having fun for some affective development.

Why use POSB Education Marketplace?

Why use POSB Education Marketplace

POSB Education Marketplace aggregates enrichment activities from individual education providers onto a single platform.

    • Exclusive deals just for you
      Enjoy a range of savings on the enrichment classes available on our marketplace. For instance, use the Eduhunt feature to sign up for your desired enrichment class with a group discount.
    • It’s easy and convenient
      Shop for your child’s educational needs all in one place, without having to sift through tonnes of websites.
    • Make comparisons to find activities that suit your child  
      Compare and contrast across a large variety of offerings, including their prices, to find the most suited class for your child’s holistic development.

Head over now to POSB Education Marketplace to check out the classes for your child.

Exclusive education deals for POSB/DBS customers

Keen to enrol your child into these enrichment classes? Here are some of the perks you can enjoy at the POSB Education Marketplace.

  • $25 off all purchases of academic packages at 88tuition with DBS promo code (ED25).
  • Enjoy up to 10% off activities at Flying Cape
  • 2 Compass Points for every $1 spent at Flying Cape


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