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The weekend is near, and there are a few things you are already looking forward to: Indulge your family with a sumptuous spread, and brunch date with an old friend you haven’t seen in a long while. Plus in the afternoon it’s time to start working on your shopping list before the crowds start gathering.

Before heading out, download DBS Lifestyle App on your mobile phone. With your POSB/DBS Credit or Debit Card and DBS Lifestyle App, you could save while you spend.

Here’s how you could use DBS Lifestyle App this very weekend.

Browse one-for-one deals on DBS Lifestyle App to get savings

11.30am: No weekend is complete without a hearty meal. And there’s nothing like starting the weekend with a cup of hot coffee and buttery, flaky pastries. Our suggestion? Coffee and Crust at Mandarin Orchard. Brunch at a five-star hotel won’t break the bank when you use the one-for-one deal on the Lifestyle App.

Launch DBS Lifestyle App to unlock more value for your shopping

1pm: Time to walk off brunch and cross some items off your shopping list! Before you decide where to go, launch the app and check out the shopping deals near you.

Plus: Check if you can offset your purchases with InstaRewards. All the information you need is on DBS Lifestyle App.

Uncover delicious rewards and treats on DBS Lifestyle App

2.30pm: Who said shopping isn’t tiring? When you feel like you need a break, treat yourself to a snack from Famous Amos. With DBS Lifestyle App, it isn’t just free smells - your snack is free too!

Check your expenses with the Expense Tracker on your DBS Lifestyle App

3.30pm: Let’s switch things up a bit and take the train to VivoCity. You’ve just checked how much you’ve spent via Expense Tracker on the app and so far, you’re on budget. Very important on your shopping list: Your parents and loved ones - and you’re willing to splash out a little more on them. They are, after all, some of the dearest people in your life, and a surprise gift is just one way to show your appreciation for everything they’ve done for you. Looking for a gift at VivoCity is perfect - there’s a large department store and other quirky little shops. Plus, when you spend S$300, you’ll receive a S$20 Mapletree voucher.

Find buffet deals for your family gathering on DBS Lifestyle App

7pm: What a productive day! After all that walking, you’re hungry and ready for a buffet dinner. Your table at the Westin’s Seasonal Tastes is ready for you - and your family is already waiting to hear all about the deals you’ve snagged from today. (Of course, you aren’t going to reveal their gift just yet.)

Better still, your dinner bill is halved - thanks to a one-for-one deal on DBS Lifestyle App. (Psst: The deal isn’t available on most other apps offering one-for-one deals. What a steal!)

View all your card expenses on DBS Lifestyle App

10pm: Home sweet home after a day of shopping, eating and great conversations with loved ones. Before you head to bed, one final check on how much you spent - and saved - throughout the day. If you hit your monthly spending goal, there’s a gift waiting for you, too.

After tracking your savings, there’s just one thing left to do: Tell your relatives and friends. Anyone with a POSB/DBS card can take advantage of the deals on DBS Lifestyle App. How about a bargain hunting trip next weekend?

Not a DBS Lifestyle app user yet? Download the new DBS Lifestyle App now.


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