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We have designed this short activity to help you teach your child the value of money. This activity will help your child learn that money must be earned, and they should be responsible when handling it.

Suitable for:

Your 7 - 9 year old

It will take:

20 minutes

Please prepare:

Blank to-do list, pencil & eraser


Appreciation for the value of money

Responsibility and discipline through goal setting and planning

Download to-do list here

Tick tasks off as they’re completed, so your child sees how much he/she has earned.

Do check on your child’s work occasionally. But we think it’s best if you give them a degree of trust to cultivate their independence and sense of responsibility.

Much like parents work to earn salary every month, treat it like a play, or role-play, with your child so that the concept is not intimidating to him/her.


An easy approach is to pay him/her an agreed amount when he/she helps out at home or makes better choices – above and beyond his/her usual responsibilities. You can also introduce them to deposit their money into the bank account thereafter.

It can be difficult for your child to grasp the value of money if it’s simply given to him/her regularly. But if he/she needs to put effort into earning it, he/she will understand money does not come by easily and should be handled responsibly.

As part of this lesson, you can also encourage your child to save any unspent allowance money into a savings account such as a POSB My Account. This cultivates a good savings habit from a young age, and your child can see the savings grow as he/she grows!

We expect this is the case with most children. We suggest that you bring this up the next time you hand out his/her allowance. Say that he/she can have a bigger one – if he/she works for it.

Come to an agreement that they must earn all future allowance increases. Treat this like a kind of role-play with your child so that the concept is not intimidating to him/her.
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