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The new POSB chat bot

Hi! I’m your digibank Virtual Assistant and I’m still learning. You can talk to me in Facebook messenger.

Feel free to ask me:

  • General enquiries on our products and services
  • More banking services coming your way soon!

Talk to your POSB digibank Virtual assistant via Facebook messenger now!

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  1. What is Chat Banking?

    Chat Banking is an easy to use secure service which allows you to enquire about our products & services without leaving your Facebook messenger. In the near future, we strive to enable more interesting services such as checking on your accounts or even pay bills.

  2. Which platforms may I find Chat Banking enabled?

    At this moment, Chat Banking is only made available on conversations with POSB Facebook page, via Facebook Messenger app.

  3. For this new service, are we conversing with a human or chat bot.

    Our digibank Virtual Assistant is powered by artificial intelligence to enable this new service.

  4. What are the services offered through this new conversational banking?

    Currently, we are offering basic information about the various products and services by DBS. However, we aim to enable services such as checking on your accounts or even bill payments.
    Do continue to watch this space!

  5. Do we have to download a new app for this?

    No, you can enjoy the new services by digibank Virtual Assistant as long as you have Facebook Messenger App.

  6. Your Virtual Assistant is not answering my questions properly.

    We apologize and sincerely thank you for your feedback. Our digibank Virtual Assistant is still learning at this moment. Thank you for your patience. and will improve as time goes by.

  7. How secure are my conversations with the digibank Virtual Assistant on is this channel?

    Our digibank Virtual Assistant is here to aid you in your queries on our Products & Services.
    For account related services, there will be adequate authentication(s) to ensure the security of your banking enquiry.
    I have some feedback on your new Virtual Assistant.
    If you would like to share your experience with us, do drop us an email at

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