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Guide your child on money management with Smart Buddy watch/card and app

The official partner for e-payment across all Singapore schools, and the world’s first in-school wearable tech savings & payment programme.

Never miss an allowance and monitor spendings in real time

Set daily allowance in app for your child to pay digitally and be notified of their spendings with the paired Smart Buddy mobile app.

Help your child learn to save, hassle-free

Encourage your child to save with the Stamp Savings programme. Savings can be automatically transferred to your child’s linked bank account.

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Features & Benefits

1. Cultivate good habits with Smart Buddy

Your child can tap their card or watch to pay in a snap, and make good steps towards making smart money decisions.

2. Optimise their learning journey with Smart Buddy app

Activate your child’s Smart Buddy card/watch via the Smart Buddy app to set savings goals and view their spending together. You can also give your child their own login ID to track and be responsible for their spending.

3. Your child can nurture their savings habit with Stamp Savings

Stamp Savings is a fun and easy programme available at Smart Buddy enabled primary school bookstores (check here), to help kids learn good money habits and save.

Student "buys" Smiley Stamps (S$0.50 each) with Smart Buddy allowance from the school bookstore.

Allowance used is stored as Stamp Savings, and will be automatically credited to their linked account each month.

S$1 Bonus Dollar rewarded as part of Stamp Savings for every 20 Smiley Stamps purchased per month.

  • The total Stamp Savings Value savings will be credited to the parent's linked bank account if there is no active child's account linked with Smart Buddy. Find out how to link your child's account here.
  • S$1 Bonus Dollar reward is only eligible to Smart Buddy users who have

    • At least 1 completed Smiley Savings Card (i.e. 20 Smiley Stamps)
    • An active child's account linked
  • S$1 Bonus Dollar will only be rewarded up to once every month
  • The total Stamp Savings Value (including S$1 Bonus Dollar) will be credited to the linked child's account (if any), regardless of the "Auto-Transfer Savings" status.

4. Set up auto-transfer of savings into your child’s account

By linking your child’s bank account to Smart Buddy, the total unspent Smart Buddy allowance and Stamp Savings will be automatically transferred into their linked bank account on a monthly basis.

Give them a good head start in managing their finances with regular savings.

Step 1

Link my child’s account

Don't have a POSB/DBS account for your child yet? Find out more.

Step 2

Tap on your child's profile in the Smart Buddy mobile app

Download the full Smart Buddy app user guide

Step 3

Enable "Auto-Transfer Savings" option.

Your child's total Smart Buddy savings will now be auto-transferred to their linked account every month*

* Transfer of savings to the child's linked bank account will be completed by the 15th of the following month

5. Payment beyond schools

As your child gets older, they may want to hang out more with their buddies outside of school. They can still pay with their Smart Buddy NETS-enabled card outside of school and view transactions on the mobile app.

You can also link them to our Smart Buddy mobile app and track their in-school spending as their school Smartcard and EZ-Link card are compatible with our app.

However, applying for Smart Buddy watch/card will allow your child to enjoy the full suite of benefits while learning good money habits.

  Smart Buddy Card / Watch School Smartcard / EZ-Link
Disable card when lost*
Auto-transfer child's Smart Buddy savings to their account
Set child's allowance with spending limit
Child's allowance debited from

Parent's linked bank account

Stored value in card (top-up required)

View transactions in-app (available in both parent and child access)

All transactions (in and out-of-school)*

Only transactions in school

*Only transactions made on Smart Buddy terminals in school and NETS retailers outside of school would be tracked and reflected in the app. The use of Smart Buddy for transport fares (i.e MRT/Bus) is not recommended as these non-NETS related transactions are not tracked and cannot be disabled via the app.



Exclusive Perks

Receive the following complimentary Flying Cape partner deals valued at more than S$680 when you sign up for POSB Smart Buddy.


Adam Khoo Learning Centre (AKLC):

4 FREE trial classes and S$200 AKLC Online Vouchers (worth S$508)

Redeem Now

T&Cs apply.


4 FREE classes (worth S$180)

Redeem Now

T&Cs apply.

How to redeem:

  • Upon successful application of Smart Buddy, individual promotion codes for AKLC and LingoAce will be sent to you in a welcome email.
  • Proceed to redeem by entering the promotion code before checking out via the links above.

Apply now

Smart Buddy is free for all parents with DBS / POSB deposit account to apply and download! If you do not have one, click here to apply before submitting the Smart Buddy Application for your child.

For Students

Your child can tap-and-pay with Smart Buddy at their school's canteen and bookshop (if Smart Buddy is enabled), as well as at any NETS retailers outside of school with this logo:

Some retailers include:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Cheers
  • Cold Storage
  • Daiso
  • HAO Mart
  • Koufu
  • National Library Board
  • NTUC FairPrice
  • Sheng Siong

Click here to check if your child’s school is Smart Buddy enabled.

Click here for a detailed guide on the application process.

Apply now

For Teachers

Find out more about Smart Buddy here.


Get the Smart Buddy app


Download the app now to explore the full suite of features as a parent, or check out the user guide here. If your child has a smartphone, they can access limited functions with the child view.


The app is also compatible with your child’s School Smartcard and EZ-link card.


Note: The Smart Buddy app is published by Network for Electronic Transfers (SG) Pte Ltd.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, children may opt to pay using their Smart Buddy or cash at the canteen or bookshop.

No. The Smart Buddy card/watch is not recommended for MRT and bus rides. All transit usage will be priced at full adult fare and users may experience intermittent performance. Allowance and Disable Account features on the Smart Buddy app does not apply to public transport fares.

If used, please note that the transit transactions will not be reflected in the Smart Buddy app. The transit fare charges will be accumulated for up to 5 days or after a total of $15 is spent on transit fares, whichever is earlier. The accumulated amount will then be posted to the parent debiting account as 'MRT/BUS' transactions after 3 days and postings will be reflected based on the processing time of the bank.

For further information or checks on trip details, kindly visit TransitLink website.

You may temporarily disable the Smart Buddy watch by switching the "Disable Account" to "On" under your child's profile. In the event the watch is found, you may enable it again by switching the "Disable Account" to "Off".

Do note that disabling the account only disables its usage on Smart Buddy terminals and NETS retailers outside of school. Non-NETS related transaction (i.e MRT/Bus ride) will not be disabled.

Refer to the “More Information” section at the bottom of the “Lost or Damaged Smart Buddy Card/Watch” help and support page.

Your child may perform a 1-to-1 exchange at our Replacement Centre:

Smart Buddy Watch Service Centre (c/o STYL Solutions Pte Ltd)

3015A Ubi Road 1, #06-02, Singapore 408705

Operation Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm
  • Saturday, 9am to 12.30pm

(Closed on Public Holidays)

Do remember to remove the payment chip from the faulty watch and insert it into the new watch. Thereafter, set up the new watch via the ‘Watch’ section on the Smart Buddy Mobile App.


No, it is not a wallet. The Smart Buddy app only provides transactional info (e.g. allowance balance, spending and saving trends etc.) and useful tips on personal finance and money matters for both parent and child.

With POSB Smart Buddy, you can automatically transfer your child's Allowance and Stamp Savings into his/her DBS/POSB deposit account.
You will need to link your child's account to Smart Buddy and enable the 'Auto-transfer Savings' toggle under your child's profile on the Smart Buddy Mobile App.

Once linked, your child's total monthly savings [allowance and Stamp savings (if any)] will be deducted from your linked debiting account (i.e. the parent’s account linked to your child's Smart Buddy) and transferred into his/her bank account by the 15th of the following month.

You can check your child’s total monthly savings from the “Savings” screen on the POSB Smart Buddy app.

Auto transfer

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit POSB Help & Support to find out more.

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