With the launch of SimplyGo (formerly ABT) from 4 April 2019, you can now enjoy the convenience of choosing to use your POSB/DBS Mastercard contactless cards or mobile wallet on transit.

Using your POSB/DBS Mastercard cards for SimplyGo means

No more upfront top-ups and queues at the General Ticketing Machines (GTMs).

Fares will be debited directly from savings/current account or credit limit.

Accessible travel history and transactions anytime and anywhere via the TransitLink SimplyGo Portal or TL SimplyGo mobile app


For CEPAS card holders:

  1. Switch to contactless on your POSB/DBS Mastercard card at the General Ticketing Machine (GTM)
  2. Proceed to tap at fare gate

For non-CEPAS card holders:

  1. Proceed to tap your POSB/DBS Mastercard card at fare gate


To find out if your POSB/DBS Mastercard contactless card has CEPAS (EZ-Link or NETS FlashPay) functionality, turn to the back of your card and look for the CEPAS/NETS Flashpay logo. If exists, then the card has CEPAS (EZ-Link/NETS FlashPay) functionality.

Example of POSB/DBS Mastercard cards with CEPAS/NETS Flashpay logo on the back



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What is SimplyGo and why should I use it?
Tap and SimplyGo! with POSB Mastercard


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