A lot of big words, one simple idea

We believe that we can help create a more sustainable and inclusive society. That, is the simple idea. But getting there is not so simple: we need social and economic development (here come the big words). This is where access to financial services – like simple transaction accounts – comes in. It is a small, but important step towards economic and social development.

Being sustainable means considering the needs of future generations while making sure we thrive in the present.

How access to financial services helps create a fairer, more sustainable society

Firstly, sustainability is a complex concept. Many of us associate it with being environmentally–friendly – and rightly so. Caring for our planet is but one of three goals of sustainability. The other two are economic and social development.

Simply put, economic development means that people have better employment opportunities and the overall living conditions are improving. Social development is related to better education, health services, housing and others.

Access to affordable and appropriate financial services drives economic and social development.

Without access to financial services, it is hard to do many of the everyday things we take for granted: being paid a salary, paying doctor's fees, paying for education, having a safe place to store and save your money. It leaves people isolated from the rest of society and unable to reach their full potential.

We believe no one should be left behind. Continue reading to learn about our initiatives.

Our future goals: building sustainable digital products

What does sustainability have to do with the apps on our phones? A lot. But it is a fair question. Digital products, especially the ones we use daily, shape our behaviour. And our behaviour impacts the world we live in. That is why we are working towards exploring how sustainability can be built into our products, services and processes. We still have a long way to go, but we'll get there.

Here is how we do it – with your help

Social Responsibility – Promoting Financial Literacy to you

The bank actively empowers the community to make sound financial decisions by enhancing their financial literacy through the following initiatives:

POSB Community Initiatives
Our Branch Managers and officers play an active role in engaging the community within their neighbourhoods.
Learn More
POSB Save As You Serve (SAYS) Programme
In partnership with HomeTeamNS and SAFRA, this reward programme recognises the contributions of our country’s national servicemen towards nation building.
Learn More
Singapore’s first financial planning centre by a bank, NAV offers free advisory services with no financial products sold.
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Your financial GPS
A digital financial advisor that allow users to check their spending across multiple expense categories, set and track budgets, and leverage on insights and financial advice to better manage their finances.
Learn More
Talking ATMs
We leverage technology to improve access to financial services to all our customers, including those with special needs. In collaboration with the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, talking ATMs empower visually handicapped customers to perform basic banking transactions independently.
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POSB Smart Buddy
To inculcate the value of saving and spending wisely from young, we created a digital payment ecosystem that encourages financial literacy from young through the world’s first in-school wearable tech savings and payments programme.
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POSB Smart Senior Pilot Programme
To ensure that seniors in the community are not left behind in this fast-changing world. This world's first programme provides smart convenience to enhance the well-being of seniors by offering a smarter way to travel, stay in touch, stay healthy and unlocks rewards through activity.
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Services for Work Permit Holders
To better support the migrant worker community, we offer a suite of services customised to their needs, while making banking simpler.
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Caring for our planet

eStatements instead of paper statements
75% of our customers have gone green by switching to eStatements. Do you know that by choosing e-statements, you have helped reduced the carbon footprint of your bank statement by as much as 90%? If all of us switched to eStatements, the total carbon emissions saved would be as good as having an additional 168 thousand trees planted, or more than 9 times the number of trees in East Coast Park alone. Have your friends and family switched to eStatements?
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DBS Electricity Marketplace
You can get much closer to reaching a carbon neutral footprint by switching to a more efficient electricity retailer. The marketplace enables everyone to do so easily.
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What is your banking carbon footprint?

Green footprint

How can you contribute to Sustainability

Learn about how you can change your habits at home


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