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The discipline of saving is an important habit to inculcate in a child from a young age. Sometimes, he/she may have a goal to save towards. If your child does, he/she will clearly see the benefits of saving and be motivated to do it.

First off, we have to look for opportunities to start teaching your child about savings goals. The next time he/she wants to buy an item that costs a substantial amount of money (such as a bicycle or an expensive toy), it could present a good opportunity to teach your child about saving for a goal. Try this simple activity to set a savings goal for your child so he/she can save towards buying that item with his/her own money.

Suitable for:

Your 7 – 10-year old

It will take:

1 hour

Please prepare:

Printed “Savings box” activity sheet, clear plastic container, marker pen, colour pencils, double-sided tape, scissors

The importance of saving

The satisfaction of working for and earning something

The value of money


Follow these simple steps and tips to set a savings goal.

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